Taki App - A Blockchain based Social Network


Taki App is basically a social network where everyone can earn Taki tokens by engaging on the platform. Taki App is available on Google Play Store but not available on Apple App Store currently. It is a legitimate blockchain based technology which will give you Taki tokens worth some bucks for posting content on its platform.

Taki App is a Web 3 concept-based app which can be believed to be a game changer in the coming years. Taki platform also provides you the option to create your own crypto tokens and the users on the app can buy your tokens while following you. You can also earn Taki tokens by just posting content on the app.

Taki App
Taki App (Source: htpps://taki.app)

Is Taki legitimate?

The answer to the above question is "Yes", Taki App or Taki platform is a legitimate platform. The legitimacy can be judged by knowing some of its Investors and also from the fact that the app is available on the Google Play Store.

Find below the matrices or parameters from the website of Taki Platform (dated: 12/10/2022): 

Taki App Metrices
Taki App Metrices (Source: https://taki.app)

Some of the Taki's Investors are as follow: 

  • Coinbase
  • Solana
  • CoinDCX
  • Huobi
  • Kraken
  • and many more

From the above investors list one can easily consider Taki as a legitimate platform.

How to earn money or Taki Tokens from Taki App?

There are many ways to earn rewards or money or Taki tokens from Taki App. Some of the methods are as follow:

  1. Posting Content -> On the platform, Taki tokens are rewarded every day on the basis of the content posted. You can post Image and text-based content on the platform currently.

  2. Daily Rewards -> Users can win daily rewards in the form of Taki tokens from the platform by just completing daily tasks available in a section on the app. The tasks provided can be following someone, tweeting profile on twitter or posting content.

  3. From Individual Tokens -> As we have told you earlier on the Taki App, one can create its own individual tokens and while following someone users can buy those tokens and as per the value of the tokens increases then user can earn money from it.

  4. Staking -> The platform also offers option to stake your Taki tokens and increase the amount of token after staking. It is also a great way to earn some bucks as you can double your coins in just 3 months currently as per the offer available on the App.

Future of Taki App

We believe that the Taki platform has a great future ahead as it is one of the most impressive platforms related to Web 3 social network. The platform is still new and only a small percentage of users are available on the App. But the numbers will rise because the concept of the app is strong.

Buying Taki tokens and entering the platform can be a great investment for the future because as per the users will increase on the platform the value of Tokens will increase. And Taki still has a good community base on its own platform as well as on its twitter handle too.

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