How Short Video App will be the Future? | YouTube Shorts | How to use Reel Instagram to grow ?


Short Video App can be the future of tomorrow as we all know that video attracts more audience compared to the text. Videos can be of two forms – shorter format videos and longer format videos. But now-a-days shorter forms of videos are gaining popularity. Short Video Apps twirling in social media platforms to engage the audience. Short Video Apps are the indubitably devouring apps for the creators to grab the audience’s attention and entertain them by showcasing their creativity in an ingenious way.


Short Video App
Short Video App

Short videos are a mode of expressing a creator’s talent by creating videos of some niche such as learning something in an innovative way, exploring the world, dubbing movie dialogues or song lines, dancing, singing, doing short yoga etc. Short Videos can be used to update WhatsApp status, Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, Reel Instagram and also for Various Ads etc.


Apparently, no qualification or degree is required to create a shorter version of video. Only your talent and skill is required. You can create these shorter versions of videos using various Short Video Apps which are very user friendly and have many inbuilt features like timer, effects, filters, time lapse, slow motion, stickers etc.


Now a days people don’t have much of the time and the future will definitely have more hectic schedules and orders in people life which is why the future of content is going to be the shorter forms of videos. As there is competition growing in every field of world, there will be a lot of competitors creating small videos of some seconds or minutes explaining everything related to the topic with extreme creativity.


Short Videos Apps to Create Videos:

Indian Government has banned many Chinese short video apps like TikTok, Likee, Vigo Video etc. on June 29th, 2020 due to the tension between the India and China border and this ban of Apps gave advantages to Indian App Developers to showcase their talents. There are many best-known Indian Short Video Apps in competition to engage the creators and build their image, few of them are as follows:


Snapchat: Snapchat is an American-based App developed by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown. This App allows users to capture the picture and record the Short Video by applying some sort of filters, stickers and augmented reality (AR) objects. According to the latest reports, they say that Snapchat is currently working on an update i.e., by developing AR-enabled based tools for spectacles and other stuffs which will help businesses to try and use virtual try-on features.


Reel Instagram: Instagram has become a very popular social media platform. There is a new feature launched in Instagram to create short videos i.e. Reel Instagram in July 2020. Reel Instagram is the replacement of Chinese Apps i.e. TikTok and other Apps etc. Creators can create short videos up to 30sec and publish it on this platform. Creators on the platform endeavour to earn money by promoting a company's brand products or selling their own company’s product.


YouTube Shorts: YouTube launched YouTube Shorts for Indian users to give competition to TikTok in the world market after its ban in India in September 2020. It gained around 3.5 billions views per day in India. Creators can create up to 15sec video and upload it.


Roposo: Roposo is an Indian Short Video App, developed by Mayank Bhangadia in July 2014. It is a free short video application for editing the pictures and video creation. It has many channels to express your mood in 12 languages such as comedy, prank, healthcare solution, movie dialog dubbing etc.


Moj: Moj is also an Indian Short Video App created by ShareChat to create short videos launched in June 2020. Moj is one of the most popular Short Video App in India. It has similar features like TikTok. You can lip-sync the audio, create fun-filled videos etc.


Dubsmash: Dubsmash is a very old Short Video App, released in Dec 2016. Users can dub or lip-sync the soundbites of movies, songs, events, shows etc. and share it. It became popular but faded after the invasion of other competitors.


MX TakaTak: MX TakaTak is also an Indian Short Video App for the fun element, launched by MX player. You can create and watch funny videos in this app. It has been a choice of rapper Badshah.


Chingari: Chingari Short Video App first released in November 2018 and later launched in November 2020 by Biswatma Nayak and Siddharth Gautam. Salman Khan became the investor and brand ambassador of this app.


Triller: Triller is an American-based Short Video App where you can add music to your video, apply filters and effects. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technique to synchronize the videos with audios. The global stars are also indulged in using Triller short video-sharing app.


The other examples of short video apps are Byte, Snack Video, Helo, Trell, LitLot and many more.


Short Video Apps
Short Video Apps

Making Money from Short Video Apps :

As the demand for short videos is rising at such a rapid speed, for many creators monetization has become one of the main reasons to create short videos. You can learn and earn money at home by using Shorter Video Platforms.


One of the Short Video App is Snapchat which has announced its new feature that is Spotlight in November 2020. This feature allows its top creators to earn money by submitting their best video. Snapchat is giving $1 million per day to creators in India only.


Many businesses are recruiting good digital performers who can influence to promote their brand products in a diverse version and then publish the videos on different social media platforms.


YouTube shorts in India:

YouTube Shorts in India
YouTube Shorts in India

YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki says that there have been 3.5 billion views per day during its test run in India in the competition of TikTok App after its ban from Government of India. YouTube shorts also have features to add music, give effects, set timer, to change the speed etc. The length of YouTube Shorts is limited to 15 seconds only. The company says they have paid more than $30 billions to the YouTube creators for their work.

You might not earn money directly from YouTube Shorts, but you can enjoy other ways. But in future YouTube may bring out measures to monetize YouTube Shorts too.

But currently YouTube is also promoting YouTube Shorts in the best possible as it is a new initiative so creators can get benefitted from YouTube Shorts also because it will help them grow their overall YouTube channel and building audience is the key factor for monetization. If one is having audience then there are lots of ways from which creators can earn money such as :- 

  • Brand Promotions
  • Own Products
  • Promoting own business
  • Courses and Projects
  • YouTube Collabs


How to use Reel Instagram to grow?


Creating Reels on Instagram is very easy. Follow the below steps to create Reels on Instagram:

1.    Open Instagram App.

2.    Login if you are an old user or signup if you are a new user.

3.    Click on  symbol in the bottom.

4.    You will see the Reels displaying, On the right-top of it, camera .

5.    You will get many options on its left side like audio, length, speed, effects, touchup and timer. You can do all settings in these options too.

6.    Once the settings are done, click on the Reel Instagram button and create your short video as per your complacent.

7.    The final step is to publish your video.


Similar to YouTube Shorts, Reel Instagram is also new initiative of the company to set foot in the short video market which is going to be the future of content. So Instagram is also promoting Reels so majority of creators have switched to Reel Instagram for taking benefit of the platform.

It also helps to increase your overall Instagram growth and building audience. Having audience will help you earn money easily. Nothing is more important than audience for becoming successful on these types of platforms. Reel Instagram provides option to the users to directly follow the Instagram Page with just one click even while surfing the Reels.


Reel Instagram
Reel Instagram


Need to prefer short videos over long-form videos?

Short videos have increased demands in the market rather than long-form videos because of the following reasons:

     Short Videos focus on less content with full detailed information.

     Short Videos consume less memory space and time.

     Long form of videos make the audience boring whereas short videos grab the attention of the audience.

     Short Videos are concerned about a single subject/title and are more focused on the topic.

     Short Videos can be used for marketing, be it digital marketing, business marketing or affiliate marketing.

     Shorter forms of Videos can cover news items, yoga, DIYs, cooking, somersault etc. in a short span of time.

     Shorter Videos can make one up-to-date regarding any breaking news or the latest trends on Twitter or Instagram or LinkedIn or any other social media apps.

     Social media platforms are the platforms where a creator can quench by creating and publishing short videos.




Future of Short Videos Apps:


     The audience are liking videos and majorly Short Videos more rather than text-based information or image-based information. Hence, there is a future for Short Video Apps and the competition between video making app developers is growing. All the developers are trying to add the best features in their app.


     Shorter Videos are also being popular in student’s learning skills and the popularity of learning by shorter forms of visuals are rapidly growing like making a science model, learning vocabulary or solving a math problem with shortcut tricks etc. Now-a-days, even the KG kids love to watch rhymes and short stories. The kids grasp the rhymes very fast and it helps to grow their brain development.


     Not only Reel Instagram and YouTube Shorts, but also Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are the evidence to launch short video features in their application.


     Short Video Apps are now an essential part of many businesses as well. The study says that many businesses could convince their consumers by marketing its brand products very well because short-form video attracts consumers and can be reachable at a scale by displaying video content. Moreover the targeted audience can be focused in shorter span of time and also rate of watching the Ads or shorter content will be high as it takes lesser time.


     Many of us don’t know about the word Kinetic Typography. Wikipedia says that Kinetic Typography is a mixture of motion and text. In simple words, it is technically an animation of moving text, which intends to deliver ideas about something. Some users like video/image-based plus text-based kind of video and hence Kinetic Typography is a vivacious technique that allows users to create such a short video for the business purpose, to give the best look for a website, or for a mobile app. Kinetic Typography also provides fun-filled videos for students, who enjoy while learning. There are many examples of Kinetic Typography, one of the examples is by McDonalds commercial ad. You can click on the given link to check the ad



In the final, Short Video Apps and short videos are becoming the future of the technical era as the viewers like short video content and the shorter video contents are providing more information in a less time. So we will suggest our audience to switch to the shorter versions, it does mean to stop creating content for longer forms but also have some content on shorter forms as this will gonna be the future of video content.



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