What is Event Blogging? | How to start event blogging in India in 2021 | Event Blogging Case Study

What is Event Blogging? | How to start Event Blogging in India in 2021 | Event Blogging Case Study

There are many types of blogging present in online world but the most consistence form of blogging is Event Blogging. Event Blogging refers to writing blog on a specific event and at a custom time period.

Some examples of events on which people write blogs are :
  •  Festivals like Christmas, Diwali, Holi, Halloween etc 👽
  •  Sports Events like World Cup, Australian Open, La Liga etc 🎾
  •  Elections of various region 🙏
  •  Wrestling Main Events 💪
  •  Oscar Awards, Grammy Awards, IIFA etc 🤩
  •  Historic Events like Birth Anniversary of Leaders ✊

Event Blogging Case Study
Event Blogging Case Study

Steps to Start Earning through Event Blogging:

Choosing the right event:

The most important thing in Event Blogging is to choose the right event and the right time. Suppose you want to write an Event Blog on New Year then you must start from October. This is the key for Event Blogging, you must start from a month ago from the start of the event. 

You should start early in case of Event Blogging as we already know that it will take time to get indexed, build trust, build backlinks and Google to rank your website. For the best of the content it takes time because of Google's Algorithms. So start planning and start to target the event of your Event Blogging before some relevant time.

Writing the content:

For making the body of your blog engaging write some predictions like stats on who will win the World Cup 2022. Also you can share the real stats related to the event like sharing squad announced for the World Cup.

Still there is nothing extra-ordinary you need to do in case of Event Blogging content, you just need to stick to basics. Use the already predicted Algorithms and on that basis write your content.

Using Scripts:

The most popular tool used for Event Blogging is a Wishing Script. A wishing script is useful as it can become viral unexpectedly because people share it in bulk near the event time. People do make $500 - $1000 on the day of the event with these viral scripts.

The Wishing Script runs on the power of sharing content. If your Script becomes viral, no one can stop you earning big. Make or edit a creative Script and try adding credentials like name and other details. Provide relevant sharing buttons for social media so that people can share that wish to their knowns and your traffic can boost.

Monetizing Event Blog:

People often ask a common question on monetization of Event Blog i.e, Can we get approval from Google Adsense on our blog or script? The answer is Yes, you can get the approval from adsense. The process of monetizing the Event Blog is same as done for other blogs. You can monetize it with Google Adsense or any other ad platform. You can add paid banners on your Blog from other platforms too. Still taking approval from Adsense is very difficult so you can easily go for other ad networks like Propeller Ads or Pop Ads etc which can be a better Adsense alternative.

Monetization Through Affiliate Marketing 

Another one of the most used method to monetize your Event Blogging script or Blog is Affiliate Marketing. We often use it too and believe us it is also powerful. You can get many products from the following websites that are :-
  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • Ebay
  • Alibaba
So here a question arises, why one will buy or click on the ad when he wants to share your script for wishing his knowns ? The answer is you need to add similar products related to the event which will be attractive and user will be compelled to click on the Ad.

Some of the best examples of products according to various Event's for Event Blogging are :-
  • Freaky Dresses on Halloween 👽
  • T-Shirts with Wrestling Stars before Wrestlemania or Wrestling Events 💪
  • Football or Track Suits for Fifa World Cup ⚽
  • Action Figure of Goku before his New Anime Movie launch 💥

Event Blogging Case Study
Event Blogging Case Study


I will tell you step by step that how can you start Event Blogging with an example of an event.

1) Suppose the event you will be working on is New Year 2022 and you will make a wishing script on a relative domain name ( You can use any free domain )

2) So you must start working on the script from atleast November. The Wishing Script must include an attractive image, colourful background, wishes on New Year, name of the sender, sharing buttons of different social media platforms and any other important things you prefer.

Make it unique and in your way because there are already multiple competitors building similar kind of scripts. You need to find something that will be unique and will compel people to share your script.

3) In starting you can add Advance Wishes so that it could start gaining some traffic prior to the event.

4) Now publish your blog and start sharing the advance wishes to different platforms.

5) Now you have to share these wishes to everyone and on every platform. Ask your friends also to share it with their knowns and in this way try to spread it more and more even before the Event and you will see on the Event itself astonishing traffic will start coming on the Scripts or Blog.

6) For more traffic you can use WhatsApp and Facebook groups sharing. 
You can get added in multiple groups on Facebook and for getting added in WhatsApp groups write “free WhatsApp groups” on Google, you will get multiple groups for sharing your Blog.

Event Blogging Case Study
Event Blogging Case study

Expected Income:

If you will be earning $50 – $60 in starting which is a good amount but keep on blogging on different events. Some experts even make $500 - $1000 per event so you can understand the potential. I bet after 6 months of hard work you can easily earn $100 - $200 which is not a bad deal. Go watch different videos on YouTube and scroll different articles on Blogging for becoming intermediate in Blogging which is enough to earn that much from Event Blogging.

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