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Hello Readers,

Please find the details related to your admin below : 

Name -> Sidhant

Age -> 25 yrs

Qualification -> Bachelors of Technology

Skills -> Blogging, Youtubing, Social Media Management, Angular and C# Coding, Image Editing, Copywriting

Hobbies -> Writing, Poetry, Playing Cricket, Travelling

Social Media Presence ->

Instagram : www.instagram.com/brainless_sid

Telegram : 

About the Blog : 

Once in 2019 sitting in my flat I decided to start something from which I can earn a passive income. And while exploring on the internet I found the term Blogging and after researching I decided to start one because I already had writing as my hobby. For a writer Blogging is definitely a gift which can be used to get monetized. At first I started writing on Blog creation topics only so as to increase my knowledge on the same topic but after some time I started to write on the theme on which this Blog was based i.e, 'Earning Money'.

It was and still is a tough journey to maintain a Blog with my job but it is what it is. As per monetization is concerned, I do have earned a bit of money but in the starting one and half year, I didn't earned a penny and the reason was obvious, Inconsistency. But once hovering through some videos on YouTube I realized the power of consistency and I decided to write an article every week and publish it on every Monday. After I sticked to the my motto, I started getting results. For not breaking the set motto I have wrote articles even till 3 - 4AM  on Saturdays and Sundays.

Vision : 

Talking about my future vision regarding the Blog, I will create a team of Writers, Editors and some Social Media Executives who will run the Blog. And I will just have to check the Blog's Analytics and Performance for expanding the venture. As a result of which it will be called a real Passive Income source. I may have a YouTube channel based on it, in this a whole ecosystem will be created. Also at a bigger end I have an idea on providing employment to the needed ones.

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