How to index you website faster on Google ? | How to get indexed on Google quickly ? | Ways to Index your pages faster on Google and other search engines

How to index you website faster on Google ? | How to get indexed on Google quickly ? | Ways to Index your pages faster on Google and other search engines

indexing on Google
Indexing on Google

Indexing means listing your site’s url and all your posts on search engines. It is  very important factor in Blogging as if your site is not indexed and not available on search engines you will never get organic traffic and you can never earn from it. Think of a website which is made but no one knows about it and no one comes on it for reading the content.

Indexing is given very less preference in many courses but it is not very easy to index your content on prime search engines like Google.
So we will share some methods by which you can get your site and content indexed faster.

1) Google Search Console: The search engines themselves wants to index good quality content for their search results. So the best search engine in the world Google has provided a tool used for indexing and other purposes i.e, Google Search Console.

 You can request indexing on Google Search Console and also check various factors which affect indexing on Google and SEO.

2) Sitemap: Sitemap is basically a file which includes structure of your website and its content. It is generally the architecture of the pages on your website. The crawler understands about your website through the submitted sitemap only. So sitemap is very crucial factor in indexing.
Sitemap in Indexing
Sitemap in Indexing

3) Other Google Tools:
There are many Google Tools which must also be used by Bloggers as it creates a good impact in terms of Crawlers and it can also be used for better analysis of your content.
It will also help you faster indexing of your content. The different Google Tools include Google Analytics, Google Adsense etc. Also you can link all these platforms which will create higher impact.

For Linking all Google Tools, Follow the below steps:

-> Go to Google Analytics
Click on Admin or Settings

-> Now in Product Linking option, click on All Products

-> Here you will find the other Google Tools which can be linked with the Google Analytics

 You can link your Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Adsense account. It will help to rank your content faster.

4) Pinging :
It means submitting your site to various websites and searching platforms through an online tool. If you are using the authority website for pinging it will be very helpful to you.

 The best authority website for pinging is “ Pingomatic “

Steps:- For pinging your site or url search Pingomatic on Google
-> Click on the first search result
Enter your website name and url with RSS feed.

Tick mark all the option showing for pinging

Click on Ping, now your site has been pinged to many platforms in one go.

5) Internal Linking : Many of the Bloggers will say that internal linking is important in context of Ranking and redirecting traffic. But it is also helpful in indexing. Internal linking builds a better face of your website in front of Google Bots and help your site index faster.
 Suppose your one Blog say B1 has been Indexed on Google but one which is B2 is not indexed. So if you have linked B1 and B2 via internal linking, the Google Bots coming on B1 will get redirected to B2 also and it will help your B2 Blog Index faster.

6) Traffic : It is true that you can get indexed without good traffic on your site but it is also true that if your site is having some traffic it will be indexed faster.
 Suppose you are getting good traffic by sharing your website on various social platforms. Every search engine wants that the content available on WWW should be surfed using their platform so getting some traffic will definitely help in Indexing.

7) RSS FEED : Many people will say that according to Google, RSS Feed is not worthy and cannot help in indexing or SEO. But after analysing statements of big Bloggers like Neil Patel and others we can say that it is still worthy and can help in better indexing.

RSS Feed in Indexing
RSS Feed in Indexing

Though RSS Feed helps in many other things like Email Subscription, Feed Settings and also provide some stats for analysis. We have a personal experience with Feeds and according to our observation Google Feed helped us Index faster.

8) Robots.txt : This is just a code or standard which informs Crawlers, Spiders or Robots to crawl the site according to the set algorithm. With Robot.txt you can tell the crawlers that what they needs to crawl and what needs not to be. There are many files available on your site which needs not to be crawled and will create a better impact.

If the crawler is coming to your site and does not crawls unwanted stuff then it will definitely create a better impact and can help in indexing faster.

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