What is a Web Hosting ?| Types of Web Hosting | Best Hosting for Wordpress | Bluehost Reviews and Benefits | Best Web Hosting List Rankwise

What is a Web Hosting ?| Types of Web Hosting | Best Hosting for WordPress | Bluehost Reviews and Benefits | Best Web Hosting List Rankwise
What is Web Hosting ?
What is Web Hosting ?

Web Hosting acts as an interface between the users and your website. Web hosting provider contains Data centers where the files of the site are stored and acts as an service provider to the users.
Understand it this way that whenever your website will be opened it will be opened live on these hosting platforms. These are nothing just super powered computer systems which is connected to high speed internet connection and act as a host.

Types of Web Hosting
Types of Web Hosting

Types of Web Hosting:
1) Shared Hosting
2) VPS Hosting
3) Dedicated Hosting
4) Cloud Hosting

1) Shared Hosting - As the name suggest it is shared between one or more users. It is indirectly a VPS which is broken into different Virtual Machines and the service is shared between users.
It is best for beginners and can handle some amount of traffic as the load is shared with other users too. When the individual starts getting higher traffic on site then he needs to change to the better hosting type.

2) VPS Hosting ( Virtual Private Hosting ) - It is better hosting than shared as it contains some better Processing Power. It can withstand better load but lesser than dedicated type. The Dedicated Server is divided into some parts and the parts becomes the VPS.
If a user is using shared and its traffic gets increased so for better interface they should change to VPS hosting.

3) Dedicated Hosting - When a complete powerful system is dedicated to one user or site then it becomes Dedicated Hosting. It is most powerful hosting service and can handle higher traffic load with high processing power.
Suppose you have a high power system if you use the whole system for your site it becomes a Dedicated type and if you divide it into some virtual machine parts it becomes VPS. At last if a VPS is divided into different virtual parts it becomes shared hosting.

So the order is as follow:
Dedicated Hosting -> Virtual Hosting -> Shared Hosting

4) Cloud Hosting - It is a type of hosting in which there are various number of server or systems are connected with each other and your data files of the server are stored on multiple servers. This service is much faster as you can change your configuration on the go. In this type of hosting platform the load is distributed between multiple servers so the downtime is very less.

Best Hosting for Wordpress :
Wordpress is considered as one of the best sources for creating websites. We can use any of the Hosting for Wordpress websites. But there is some recommendations by Wordpress himself that Bluehost is the best Hosting Platform for Wordpress Sites. Wordpress and Bluehost are considered as best combination for website development.

Best Web Hosting - Bluehost
Best Web Hosting - Bluehost

Bluehost Reviews and Benefits :
There are many sites on Google where we can find reviews of Bluehost Hosting Service. After concatenating different results we have given Bluehost 4.5 stars out of 5. No review site gave this platform less than 3 points.
So we do recommend Bluehost and we are also running are two anonymous sites on Bluehost hosting so we can assure you about its services.

Benefits :
-> High Speed
-> Affordability
-> Secure
-> Best for Wordpress sites

Best Web Hosting List Rankwise :
1) Bluehost
2) A2 Hosting
3) Siteground
4) Big Rock
5) Hostgator

The ranking is completely decided on our team views and some online stats based on better service and popularity.

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