Earn Money from Telegram Online | Telegram Best Channels for Earning | Best Telegram Groups for Earning | Useful Telegram Bots

Earn Money from Telegram Online | Telegram Best Channels for Earning | Best Telegram Groups for Earning | Useful Telegram Bots

Earn Money from Telegram Online
Earn Money from Telegram Online

Telegram is currently the fastest growing social platform in terms of earning money. There is huge traffic and user base which can be reached easily. Telegram can be said to be the combination of WhatsApp and Snapchat because it contains features of both these giant social platforms.

You can start a channel and share content with people who subscribes it. You can create groups either admin controlled or open as per your business requirement. You can also add various bots for making alot of processes automatic which is the best feature of Telegram in context of earning online.


Earn Money from Telegram Online

1) Telegram Channels

Telegram Channels are one of the ways to interact with your audience. Telegram channels are similar to restricted WhatsApp groups where only admin can send messages. On Telegram Channels only the admin will be able to send messages.
It will be helpful in creating in your own audience and updating your stuff regularly. You can ask your audience to subscribe your Telegram Channel so that they can follow all your updates. You can use these subscribers of channel for sending traffic to your website, affiliate links, other social pages etc.

2) Telegram Groups

The Telegram Groups is similar to WhatsApp Groups but having some better features in context of Digital Marketing or Earning Money from Telegram. You will be amazed to know that you can add 2 Lakhs Members in a Telegram Group.
By posting on the group you can send traffic to your website and earn through ad revenue. You can also share your affiliate link in the group so that people can be redirected to the affiliate products and purchase stuff.

3) Direct Messaging

This method is best for Affiliate Marketing. A person will never buy anything from a stranger or a spammer until you show some values and represent yourself as a genuine seller. In the process for building trust you can Direct Message interested users.
You can search users from searching different groups of your niche and messaging them personally for building the trust factor. You can share free valuable stuff like photos, videos, trainings, free courses, free webinars etc. After a trust factor is created you can now target them with your affiliate link or you can also direct them to your different social pages.

The major mistake people do in this step is directly sending Affiliate links to people without building any trust. If you believe that Direct Messaging is difficult than other steps then you have to understand that it is also more convertible as compared to others.

4) Telegram Bots

If you ever thought of earning money online, you should have definitely thought of automating your stuff. This can be done on Telegram with the help of Telegram Bots. There are still more things different Telegram Bots can do but you need atleast the knowledge to use them.

Some useful Bots of Telegram are :

-> Auto Functioning Bots :
There are bots on Telegram which can help your group to manage all the functionality automatically. You have to just configure them in your group and set up the commands after that the bot will perform the functions automatically.
You can use them in banning any spammer, removing its content, sending welcome message, giving warnings to spammers etc. One of the Bot which you can use is “ Group Help “. Search Group Help in Telegram and click on the bot and follow the instructions given. For help you can type “ /help “ so that it will help you in configuring it. They have some video tutorials too which will help you in each step.

-> Image Searching Bot :
You can search any image on Telegram itself without hovering out to Google Images. For the bot you have to search “ Yandex Image Search “ on Telegram and click on the first result. You will be redirected to the bot and now you can search any image you want directly on the Telegram by typing @pic keyword . The image you needed will be available on the chat and now you can use it for anything you want either for sending in any group or your channel or in Messaging your Customers.

-> Video Searching Bot :
You can also search videos on Telegram with the help of a bot similar to how you do in case of the Image Search. For using this service search “ YouTube Search “ on Telegram. Now you have to write @vid keyword as instructed, you will see your Youtube video available in the chat and which can be shared with anyone you want to target on Telegram.

-> URL Shortener Bot :
If you are trying to earn money online then I am sure that you must have used URL Shorteners which will help your ugly long link to look more professional. You can do this directly on Telegram with the help of Telegram Bots.
Search “ SHORT URL GOO.GL “ on Telegram. After that you have to enter your link as per the instructions given, your link will be shortened.

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