Keyword Research Free Tools | Top 5 Tools for Keyword Research | Google Keyword Planner Tool , Uber Suggest & Google Trends India

Keyword Research Free Tools | Top 5 Tools for Keyword Research | Google Keyword Planner Tool , Uber Suggest & Google Trends India

If you are using the right Tools for Keyword Research for your Blog you can get the results faster. The Keyword Research is important in driving traffic on the site and ranking on search engines. Suppose you are writing a Blog on which only 200 people search on Google then how can you even think of generating traffic as well as growing your site. But again think of writing a Blog on a High Traffic Keyword on which thousands of people are searching and it can derive organic search traffic towards your Blog.

There are many Free Tools for Keyword Research, so we have explained some best Tools for Keyword Research:

1) Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Research Free Tools
Keyword Research Free Tools

The best Keyword Research Free Tool is itself provided by Google. You can use Google’s Keyword Planner tool for Keyword Researching. For using this tool you have to make Google Adwords account. After that you can find the Google Keyword Planner Tool in its menu bar.
As it is a google tool so we can expect highest accuracy of this tool in terms of Keyword Research. The features provided by Google Keyword Planner is that it will show you different Keyword ideas with Average monthly searches, Competition and CPC. The best thing is that you can trust the numbers in front of you and enhance your analysis.


You know what Uber Suggest is the best tool for Keyword Research which we also use for our different websites. It is owned by India’s one of the best pro blogger, so definitely we can trust its results. The best thing is that it will give many other features related to Keyword Research also.

 For Keyword Research on Uber Suggest, search “Uber Suggest” on Google and Click on the first link. Now enter your desired keyword in the search box and enter the country of which you want to check the results.

 You will find the Search Volume, Seo Difficulty, Paid Difficulty and CPC. But not only this, you will also analyse Mobile Volume with Desktop Volume, Age Range of Traffic and other related keyword ideas. If you click on the arrow on the related keyword you will find Google SERP i.e, the sites which are ranking on that keyword with traffic , links and DS of each.

3) Google Trends

Google Trends India
Google Trends India

There are many Keyword Research Free Tools present on the website but there are other ways also which you can use as your Keyword. Google has a way of describing new trends on a platform called Google Trends. You can find new and trending topics around the world in this site.

For using features of Google Trends follow the below steps:

Search Google Trends on Google and Click on the first link
-> Select your country from upper right corner
-> Now if you scroll downwards you can find the recent trending lists with the current searches displayed in front of every keyword
-> Consider every trending result as a keyword and after clicking on the keyword you will find out different websites on which the keyword is trending with quantity of searches in front of them.
-> Also you can search anything in the search box and now you can check the interest over time graph for better analysis.
-> Scrolling downwards you will find out region wise interest and related topics or queries

4) Keyword Anywhere Plugin

It is a Google Chrome plugin which is also considered among good Keyword Research Tools. After downloading it from Chrome Extensions you can pin it and use it according to your desired country. After activating it you will get search volume and CPC after every search you do on Google Search Engine. You will also find different suggestions on the right side tab of the Search Engine.

5) Ahrefs

Tools for Keyword Research
Tools for Keyword Research

We will definitely not suggest you to use any paid tool but will definitely give you info on that. Ahrefs is the best premium tool for keyword research. Many pro bloggers will suggest you to use it. As it is paid tool so you can expect a pretty more accuracy than other methods of keyword research. It will give you almost every feature which is required for best keyword research.

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