LOGO for a Website | LOGO Website Design | How to Design LOGO online on CANVA ? | How to Design LOGO online on Fiverr ? |

LOGO for a Website | LOGO Website Design | How to Design LOGO online on CANVA ? | How  to Design LOGO online on Fiverr ? | How to change Favicon LOGO of Website on Blogger ?

LOGO for a Website | Earn BHARAT
LOGO for a Website | Earn BHARAT

The very first appearance of your website is shown by Domain name, Theme and Logo. An attractive Logo provides positivity and professionalism in the mind of visitor. With a good quality Logo the site can increase attention of visitor thus decreasing the bounce rate.
Lets take an example that you have not taken any hosting and using Blogspot whose Logo is same as of the Blogger. On the other hand there is another site of your niche which have used a good quality Logo in his website, it is obvious that the custom Logo site will attract more visitors and make your visitors feel more professional for your site.
There are many ways of making Logos and people are even earning on Freelancing sites by providing Logo Designing service. But there are free and still even efficient ways of making Logo.

Features of a Good Logo:

-> High Quality Image
-> Simple and Attractive
-> Single coloured or Combination of two
-> Represents your website perfectly

How to Design Logo online on CANVA:

Design LOGO online on Canva
Design LOGO online on Canva

There are many sites from which we can make our Logo but we are talking about Canva because we think it provides best features in its free version. We have created our Logo on Canva too. In the early stages of Digital Marketing we have earned some pennies creating free Logos on Canva and selling them on different platforms.

So the steps are :
-> Search Canva on Google and click on the first result
-> Sign up with Gmail, Facebook or other mail
-> Now the interface for editing your Logo is in front of you
-> Click on Logo under “ Create a Design “
-> There are many options available so you can start building a Logo from scratch or you can use different templates and modify them.
-> We can add elements, Text, Photos and edit everything to make a professional looking Logo.

How to Design Logo online on Fiverr?

Fiverr is the most premium Freelancing website which has millions of users buying and selling gigs. They call any service as Gigs which you can buy or sell. On Fiverr Logo Designing is a very big service by which people spend and earn money.
You can easily find a Gig for you related to Logo Designing. Search for the Logo Designing Keyword after signing in and order for a Gig. You can spend a minimum of $5 and can get a professional Logo. For filtering among the Gigs you can check for the reviews and decide.

How to change favicon Logo of Website on Blogger?

Change Favicon LOGO of Website on Blogger
Change Favicon LOGO of Website on Blogger

Suppose you have created your Logo and now you want to add your Logo on your website on Blogger then follow the steps below :
1) Open your blogger dashboard which is connected to your website
2) Go to Layout Option
3) Click on Edit symbol on Header Logo
4) Click on Remove Image
5) Now you have two options to upload your Logo either browsing in your files or pasting image url
6) After adding Logo you can select the placement of the Logo with many options

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