How Coronavirus ( COVID – 19 ) has affected the Digital Marketing field ? | Precautions for Digital Marketers for Coronavirus ( COVID - 19 ) |

How Coronavirus ( COVID – 19 ) has affected the Digital Marketing field ? | Precautions for Digital Marketers for Coronavirus ( COVID - 19 )

Coronavirus affect ( COVID - 19 )
Coronavirus affect ( COVID - 19 )

 As the spread of Covid – 19 is increasing day by day, it has affected almost all the sectors. But many may ask that is it affecting Digital Marketers ? Yes it is affecting Digital Marketing field too but he affect is less than compared to others.

 Digital Marketing mainly involves working online with your PC or Laptop sitting anywhere you want mainly at home in these Pandemic conditions. But still the Coronavirus disease has affected Digital Marketing.

# Affect on Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketing means promoting someone else product online by referring them through different platforms. But still Coronavirus ( COVID – 19 ) has affected Affiliate Marketing as people are scared to order things online in fear of spread of the disease. Many Affiliate Marketers promotes physical products through different platforms like Amazon, eBay and many others but Coronavirus ( COVID – 19 ) is affecting this.

# Affect on Bloggers

The safest Digital Marketer in this Pandemic situation is a Blogger but still you cannot deny the fact that Coronavirus ( COVID – 19 ) has affected this field in some way or other. The most affected niche of Blogging is Travelling, if you are a Travel Blogger then this situation is worse for you. Many countries have taken precautions by restricting travel inside and outside the country to avoid spread of the disease, so Travel Bloggers are affected.

 If Affiliate Marketing is affected in this situation then definitely Blogging will also get affected as many Bloggers promotes Affiliate Programs on their sites for earning.
As the world is searching for Coronavirus related keywords so many Bloggers has ranked their keywords on Google and having an positive impact.

# Affect on Online Courses

In the situation people have started working from home to be safe and many companies as well as governments have also taken measures related to it. There is a huge fall in economies of different countries is noticed and many have left jobs due to various reasons. So in this case the demand of Online Courses is increased. Many Affiliate Marketer and Online Tutors are presenting the scenario of earning from home by learning their courses.

 Many students who are free due to closure of their schools and colleges have created interest in learning any skill online which cam help them after Coronavirus ( COVID – 19 ) will be controlled.

 On the other hand many Digital Marketers offer classes on Digital Marketing in which involves physical participation can get affected due to this disease.

# Affect on Youtubers

The affect on Youtubers is the same as that of Blogging field. The Youtubers are getting more engagement on online platforms. Many have made videos either fake or based on reality to get views through this topic. Still many of the niche youtubers are affected due to Coronavirus 9 ( COVID – 19 ).

Precautions suggested for Digital Marketers for fighting with Coronavirus ( COVID – 19 )

Coronavirus Precautions ( COVID - 19 )
Coronavirus Precautions ( COVID - 19 )

Washing hands with sanitizers containing Alcohol.
-> Cleaning Laptop and Mobiles with Tissue Paper and throw the tissue in the dustbin properly and again sanitize hands
-> For those related to Travel niche needs to restrict travels and share their previous experiences on their Blogs or Youtube
-> Avoid classes which include physical participation and check out for online courses
-> Don’t share your Laptop or Mobile phones until sanitized properly after working
-> Keep a bottle of sanitizer with you while working and keep using it

There are many Free Courses related to Digital Marketing are available on the internet and we will be sharing links of those free course soon.

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