How to rank higher than your competitor on Google ? | Ranking of Website higher on Google | Role of Backlinks and Domain Authority in Ranking | Using Ubersuggest and Ahrefs for better Ranking of Website

How to rank higher than your competitor on Google ? | Ranking of Website higher on Google | Role of Backlinks and Domain Authority in Ranking | Using Ubersuggest and Ahrefs for better Ranking of Website

Ranking of Website on Google
Ranking of Website on Google

For earning high from Blogging every one wants to rank their domain or Blog in Google Searches. There are many things which are crawled by search engines which the world does not know. An important factor for ranking is high quality backlinks. Think of ranking your site on first three results of Google and how much traffic you can get from ranking. According to a popular website 75% of the traffic is consumed on first page of Google Search Results and most of which is concentrated on first three results.

We will discuss the following things for Ranking higher on Google :
-> Importance of Backlinks and Domain Authority (DA) in Ranking
-> Long article and Keyword Density
-> Using Free Toll UberSuggest for tracking competitor
-> Using ahrefs tool (Paid Tool) for creating Backlinks
-> Content is the King
We will discuss about the ways of making Backlinks through various ways but you have to understand that you cannot use the Backlinks without analysing the site as it can result in spammy content which will be harmful for your own site. Suppose you have got Do Follow Backlinks from two Referring Domains which are marked spam by Google then your site will also be affected.

Importance of Backlinks in Ranking:

Backlinks are a very important factor and plays key role in Ranking. Some part of Google’s Algorithm evaluate number and quality of Backlinks of a site and compare it with other sites and decides ranking. We have to understand that it is not the only but a crucial part in deciding ranking. So if you want to rank higher on Google consider creating higher number of Backlinks than your competitors.

Various ways to create Backlinks :

-> By commenting on various sites in the comment section
-> By submitting your url in various online directories
-> Tracking your competitors website and submitting Backlinks in his Referring links
-> Making Backlinks through Guest Post and Broken Links
-> Private Blog Network (PBN)
-> Paid Backlinks

For knowledge on all the above points you can check our another Blog based completely on Creating Backlinks.

Importance of DA

There is one more factor which is considered for higher ranking and that is Domain Authority. A site having better DA will rank higher than the one having less. So you have to also focus on increasing your DA than your competitors site so as to rank higher on Google. We will cover various ways to increase Domain Authority (DA) of a website in another Blog soon.

Long Article and Keyword Density

Ranking higher on Google
Ranking higher on Google

Google Algorithm works on many factor and some of the factors are Length of the article and Keyword Density. It is also an important factor in ranking. If you want to rank higher on Google than you have to write long article with more words than your competitors one. For checking the length of your competitors article search “ Character Counter “ on Google and click any of the top results. Then paste your competitors article and click on the button listed for checking the count.
Keyword Density is actually the ratio in which you have used your keyword in the article. It is obvious that you will use your targeting keyword in your article many times but the factor that how much time you use it as per word count and in which place is also an important factor.

Using Free Toll UberSuggest for tracking competitor

We have talked about the factors which were linked to article or SEO but now we will discuss how can you analyse your competitors data and use it for ranking higher. We believe that a beginner should never spend money on different tools so we have chosen a free tool which will be useful for competitor's analysis and which is also used for Keyword Research. The tool is UberSuggest, it has become paid but the services which it is providing for free are more than enough for beginners.

UberSuggest provide data on many factors like:

-> Search Volume
-> SEO Difficulty
-> Paid Difficulty
-> CPC
-> Mobile Volume with Desktop Volume
-> Age Range of Traffic
-> Related Keywords Ideas with Google SERP

Also we can download the CSV file for better analysis. I think the data it provide is more than enough and can provide you great help in fighting with your competitor for ranking better.

Using Ahrefs tool for creating Backlinks and Competitors Analysis:

Rank on Google
Rank on Google

Ahrefs Tool is considered as one of the best tool of Blogging industry. But it is a paid tool and many premium Bloggers use this tool for ranking their websites. We will not suggest using it if you don’t have enough money and in that case Ubersuggest will be great tool.

Using Ahrefs you can track your competitors website and can get to know that from which websites he has taken Backlinks. For ranking higher than your competitor you have to create more Backlinks than him. You can also create your own Backlinks from the websites from which your competitor has taken.

Content is the King

Rank in Google
Rank in Google

We have talked about many factors based on Google’s Algorithm which plays major role in ranking. All these factors have some portion of affect on ranking which means if you will make 100 more Backlinks than your competitor but your content is not good then Google will not rank you. You have to remember that at the end Content is always the king and you have to provide quality content for your user and also checklists the above points then you will definitely get higher ranking.

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