Methods to Earn Paypal Money Online | 7 Trusted ways of Earning Paypal Money | Earning Money from Online Surveys, Logo Designing, Freelancing & Captcha Writing etc | | How to Earn Money Online for Paypal ?

Methods to Earn Paypal Money Online | 7 Trusted ways of Earning Paypal Money | Earning Money from Online Surveys, Logo Designing, Freelancing & Captcha Writing etc | How to Earn Money Online for Paypal ?

Earn PayPal Money Online
Earn PayPal Money Online

There are many types of online money earning platforms available on the internet. Many of the online earning sites will pay via your national payment methods but most of them use internationally accepted payment method that is Paypal.
We will be sharing info on different proven methods and even we will be sharing online platforms (Websites or Apps) on which you can make Paypal money.

1) Selling Images
2) Captcha Writing
3) Surveys
4) Logo Making
5) Watching Ads and Videos
6) Freelancing
7) Link Clicking

1) Selling Images
Do you have passion in photography or even an interest then you can go for Selling images on different platforms. There are many apps and websites which offer this facility. If you have a DSLR or Digital Camera then its good but if don’t still you can do this with your mobile phone having better quality camera.
The image can be related to Nature, Animals, Buildings, Couples, Lakes, Cars, Bikes, Monuments or any else. I just want to say anything, you can just capture anything with adding your skills and get paid through Paypal.

Platforms -> The best platforms are:
-> Shutterstock
-> iStock
All these platforms can pay you via Paypal.

Expected Income -> If you upload 400-500 photos in all these platforms your selling chances will increase. Speaking of some engaged users, average person can easily make $200-$300 per month via this platform. Just upload more and more you can.  There are some competitions  in which theme photography is focused and if you win among some 300-400 users you can earn $100 wining prize directly.

2) Captcha Writing

Earn Money Online for Paypal
Earn Money Online for Paypal

How about getting paid for solving Captchas? Yes! Many websites on the internet offers these kind of stuff because companies are so lazy that they approach these sites so that they can get the Captcha solved from you.
I will not keep you in dark but the truth is that you will not get very high pay doing these. Like if you do this one hour a day and if they pay you $5 in Paypal account, you can make $150 per month spending just one hour per day. I think it is a good deal and you can increase your speed when you will develop a habit.

Platforms -> There are many fake platforms available on internet. So with our research we have come up with some genuine ones. The genuine platforms are :
-> Captcha Club
-> Kolotibablo
-> Captcha2Cash
-> Mega Typers

Expected Income -> The most of the platforms will pay $2 - $3 on 1000 captcha fillings. And also they will restrict you to write some 1000-2000 Captchas per day. So if you join all the above four, your earning can be $10 per day which will make you $300 per month.

3) Surveys

Earning Money from Online Surveys
Earning Money from Online Surveys

There are many websites or platforms for earning money from online Surveys. You heard it right, there are companies who needs information either related to interests or info of different individuals which they can use in analysis or study on anything.

Some of them will ask about your info like age, gender, interests, opinion, emails etc. After that they will use your info in their study or anything else. But this will also not make you high amount of money. It can make you some bucks doing it part time.

Platforms -> There is a list of platforms but the main thing is that is it available to your country? So we have some sites mentioned below, check your eligibility by directly visiting them. The sites are:
-> Swagbucks
-> Cash Crate
-> Panel Place
-> GrabPoints
-> Prize Rebel

Expected Income -> Taking surveys will not make you big money but they can pay you decent amount working part time. The minimum payout of sites mentioned are very less even approx $3 - $5. The amount of money one can make monthly varies from $100 - $150.

4) Logo Making

Earn Paypal Money Online by Logo Designing
Earn Paypal Money Online by Logo Designing

Hi Designers, you know what you can earn good amount of money from this field. If you can make effective logos then you can opt for plenty of the sites present on internet which can pay you using Paypal.

Platforms -> A logo is always the first impression for any company. There are huge no of companies which pay people if you make them good Logo. We will be sharing some legitimate sites where you can earn money by making logos. We have not listed any Freelancing sites as we have separate point defined for it. So the sites are : 
-> logomyway
-> 99designs
-> DesignCrowd

Expected Income -> Use free tools for making Logo if you are an inexperienced one. If you apply for all open gigs out there in all these sites you will definitely make $300 - $500 easily. Believe me! Pros are making more and more.

5) Watching Ads and Videos
We know many of you are annoyed by watching ads which pays very less but still it is a way to make less but some bucks. There are many platforms which will pay you pennies for watching ads for some hours daily. It is a good part time source combined with other points can make you decent money.

Platforms -> The sites we will be sharing also contains some others ways of earning in it but we will be focusing on the sites which include earning by watching Ads and Videos. The sites are :
-> SuperPay
-> Success Bux
-> Swagbucks
-> Rewardable
-> Send Earnings

Expected Income -> By working part time on these sites you can make almost $50 - $100 which is not a bad deal by calculating the efforts we are putting in.

6) Freelancing

Earn Money Online for Paypal by Freelancing
Earn Money Online for Paypal by Freelancing

We are keeping it last as it is the combination of almost all the above topics explained.
It includes:
- Content Writing
- Designing Logos or Templates
- Website Designing
- SEO Service
- Translating Content
- Data Entry
- eBook Designing
- Transcription
- Coding & Many more

Platforms –> The best platform for Freelancing is Fiverr but we will recommend Upwork also. You should join both of them in the starting as you have to post more and more gigs and advertise it on free social platforms if possible for getting orders in the starting. But after you will get some orders and reviews you will start getting orders automatically.

Estimated Income -> You wont believe the amount of money one is making through it. Suppose you have posted 20 to 30 gigs in each platform for $5 initially. If you get even 20 gigs for the month then you can easily make $100 - $200 monthly, remember it is not the limit it is just an estimation, you can make more and more. You can easily make $500 after spending 2-3 months working on these sites.

7) Link Clicking
There are many sites which will pay you if you give some thousands clicks through their links. After you will put your link in their tab, they will convert it into their redirecting link. After someone clicks on those links then they have to see random ads for some seconds and after that they will be redirected to the original link.

Platforms -> There are sites which will pay you if you get them some 1000 clicks on their links. If you use various social media platforms and share viral content using these links you can easily get these clicks. The Sites are :
-> Plink (gplink )
-> ShrinkMe

Expected Income -> Suppose initially you have shared them on all your social media platforms then you have earned $3. Now use this money in multiplying your income. Use the money for advertisement on Fb or other ad platforms which can advertise your link in some bucks. You can also ask for shoutout on instagram from different sites and multiply your income. The average you can earn will be easily $50 - $100 per month after removing the marketing expenditure.

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