How to earn money from Blogger ? | How to start a Blog in 2021 ? | How to start a Blog and make money in India ?

How to earn money from Blogger ? | How to start a Blog in 2021 ? | How to start a Blog and make money in India ?

How to earn money from Blogger
How to earn money from Blogger

If you are reading this then it is confirmed that you are really interested in Blogging and believe me you are at the right place. In India scope of Blogging is very high because still many people are unaware about the deep aspects of Blogging and advance SEO. If you have a doubt on the scope, trust me I am making money while you are reading this and I will request you that if you find my content worthy then share it with your friends. In this Blog i will tell you How to earn money from Blogger?

People say there is a high competition in this field if it is so then comment down the number of persons you personally know who are making good amount of money through it. I know many of you don’t know even a single person. So my point is that you can start Blogging and make money anytime without keeping any negative thoughts in your mind.

So we will be covering basics of free blogging here, which include:
1) Steps to make free blog on
2) Selecting unique Title and Description
3) Writing post by considering basic SEO
4) Basic requirements to start earning through Google Adsense
5) Steps to pursue Blogging with examples and expected income

1) Steps to make free blog on

How to earn money from Blogger
How to earn money from Blogger

First thing you need to create your free blog is a Gmail account which I believe you will be having if still not then go to and make your Gmail account. I will advice you to make the Gmail account on the basis of your blog theme like if you want to start your blog on “ Various Environmental Issues” then you should make your Gmail account according to that name so that you can use that account in contact us page of your blog. But if you don’t want to make new account then you can still use your personal Gmail account.

-> Now go to and click on Sign in option in the upper right corner
-> Now sign in with your Gmail account and you will see the blogger interface in front of your screen
-> Click on “Create your Blog” , a top-up window will appear
-> Now type the related Title which you want to use
-> Enter the address which you want (You might have to do changes in your address so as to find the available unique address)
-> Choose any theme which you find relevant, you can change it anytime from Blogger dashboard
-> Congrats! You have created the first blog of your life

2) Selecting unique Title and Meta Description

How to earn money from Blogger
How to earn money from Blogger

Now you are currently having your blog and a url. The main reason of starting a blog for atleast 97% people is to earn money. This can be done by using Google Adsense by which you can put ads on your blog and start earning. But for making Google Adsense Account you need to write some posts as per SEO.
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which means to get organic traffic from search engines to your website. This can be done by using SEO friendly keywords, title and posts.

-> Selecting Title: Title is very important for SEO because it will be shown on various search engines like Google & Bing etc. For searching appropriate Title you can use various tools like Keyword Planner , Ahrefs or Semrush. But the simplest way to find keywords or checking long tail keywords is adding quotations “ in your Google search.
Example : Suppose you want to check how many people are working on the title How to make a Tea? But if you will search it on Google it will show results including searches related to single word and phrases too. So for knowing how many people are working on only this particular keyword you have to add quotations “” to your keyword like “ How to make a Tea “
Now you can work upon the keywords with relatively lesser results so as to fight in somehow low competition.

-> Writing Meta Description : The Meta Description is something which is shown on the search engine after your title and website url. It is also very important factor because many users will jump to another website if they do not found your description worthy. It also plays an important role in SEO of the post.
So for writing a good description you should add your keyword on which you want to rank your website. You can add that keyword twice with intelligence so that it does not seems spam.

Adding Meta Description in Post: For writing your Meta Description in Blogger click on edit option of your post. In the panel on the right side you can find the option of “search description.“ This is known as Meta Desciption which will be shown on the search engine when someone will search for your Blog. Write an effective description here with using your keywords.

3) Writing post by considering basic SEO

How to earn money from Blogger
How to earn money from Blogger

-> For writing your post click on “Posts” on Blogger dashboard
-> You will find a writing space with various tools for customization of your text
-> Now write your post in the space given and add the title you selected in the space provided above
-> You have to understand that the keyword you have selected has a high importance in SEO, so add the keywords as many times as you an but at the relevant places which do not affect the body of your post
-> For SEO friendly post your character length should be in between 1000 to 1500 words, calculate it by using any website from (You can find many websites which are ranking high on Google but have very less words in their posts so I am just suggesting you to write a good length because in the stating it can help you in SEO)

4) Basic requirements to for taking Google Adsense approval are:

How to earn money from Blogger
How to earn money from Blogger

-> The character length of your post should be 1000-1500 for beginners
->  You should use good quality images but by reducing their size because it could hamper your loading speed
-> You can check loading speed on (The average speed should be around 73% if it is less you can also check the analysis done by the website and correct them in your Blog)
-> You must write atleast 10-20 articles in your blog for getting adsense approval faster
-> You must submit your website in Google Search Console and also add sitemap
-> Update your content and website every time you get new content or update. Don’t just wait for approval without posting new content or updating existing one.

Steps to pursue Blogging with Examples:

How to earn money from Blogger
How to earn money from Blogger

I have already shared these steps with example as well as expected income you can make. So I am sharing it again in this Blog:

-> Make a gmail account, a blogger account and a google adsense account.
-> As many of you know that will not provide you custom domain and it is very difficult to get google adsense approval on it.
-> So here’s the solution, you can initially go for “.ooo” domain. This is not a very popular domain and is available free for a year (Note : After that they will charge high for renewal in next year) But still you have one free year and which is great idea for beginners.
-> Your domain should be related to your niche. Lets take an example of event blogging so let your domain be “” , connect it with your blogger account and apply for google adsense approval.
-> Suppose after 3 months you will be having Diwali Festival, then start writing about it, use free images from different websites.
-> Use free SEO tools by searching on Google, use high traffic keywords. Do all the SEO friendly settings in your website.
-> Consider that you have written about the topic that “ How Diwali is celebrated in various parts of India ”. Write atleast 1500 words and use your keywords again and again.
-> You will get to know you are getting traffic near Diwali without any paid SEO or promotion.
-> Now talking about the stats you have to write 1 blog every week about the events coming after 2-3 months.

Expected income : Being frank it is very difficult to earn till 4 months. But after 4 months if you are continuously posting blogs you can easily earn 100$ per month.
After 1 year of continuous event posting you can earn 200$ per month.

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