How to increase Instagram followers free and earn money with Instagram ? | How Instagram followers increase with the help of Instagram followers Hashtags ? | Giveaway of 20 genuine followers for free

How to increase Instagram followers free and earn money with Instagram ? | How Instagram followers increase with the help of Instagram followers Hashtags ? | Giveaway of 20 genuine followers for free 

Increase Instagram Followers Free
Increase Instagram Followers Free

Instagram is a very popular social media platform with millions of people using its services either for increasing their popularity, promoting products or earning money.
There are many ways to earn money through this platform which will be discussed down below. But for most of the methods you will require some count of followers on your account so we will also discuss How to increase Instagram followers free without using bots, the followers will be real audience.

How to increase Instagram followers free ?

Instagram Followers Increase
Instagram Followers Increase

There are many ways for increasing followers on Instagram including irrelevant ways but believe us the organic ways are the best. Organic ways to increase Instagram followers free is definitely possible and is more stable. If you are thinking to buy bot followers then Instagram can ban your account as its Algorithms definitely differentiate between real and bot followers.

I know if you are reading this then you must have read many other blogs but we will assure you that if you will follow all these steps you will definitely get success and will able to increase Instagram followers free.

The Various ways we have used and got good results are :

1) The follow unfollow trick - The best trick and which you have to use on daily basis until you got a better follower count is this one. As the name suggests you have follow people and unfollow them based on the niche you have selected.
According to our experience you can follow 100 users per day and not more than 30 per hour so as to keep your account secure. So you have to follow this step daily until you make it to a better count. After that you will not have to follow these steps, you just have to engage with your audience and post quality content.

2) The Celebrity Delight - There are many celebrities with millions of followers on instagram which can help you to increase instagram followers free.
There are two things you have to do in this trick in which one include one time working and the other step you have to follow daily. The first one time step is to follow the top celebrities with highest number of followers count. The number of celebrities you have to follow must be 100 - 150 with maximum followers count.
The other step which you have to do on daily basis is that you have to engage with the content of these celebrities like commenting on their posts and liking too.
The way this will help you is similar to point 1 that means people follow likers and commentors of top celebrities for increasing their count and engaging with people. We will assure you that you will get good results after this trick as we have got good results.
We are sharing with you examples of some 20 top celebrities and you will feel the difference after following our method.


If you have tested this trick and want list of 50 Celebrities to which you can follow these steps and increase followers then you can Email us on “ “ We will share the pdf of 50 celebrities with their username and followers count for free.

3) Using Hashtags - It is a very powerful method for increasing followers on Instagram and after Instagram introduced that you can follow Hastags too then it has become more powerful. Use top hastags on your posts, whenever you will use “ # “ and write any word, they will show you top Hashtags with the number of posts. So you can choose between them and grow your account.

4) Posting Frequently - This way is important for your followers as well as in context of Instagram Algorithms. If you will post frequently then you Instagram Algorithm will definitely prefer your posts and will show them in feeds. Also you have to keep engagement of your followers so that they can enagage with you also it will send better signals to Instagram . If you will post better then your content will be more likely to be shared on other platforms too.
We suggest to share your posts at a fix time gap. The time frame helped us was posting twice per day in the evening at 16:00 and 18:00 respectively.

5) Engaging Audience - You should have the skill of engaging audience coming to your posts so that your account can grow faster. The ways for engaging audience more and more is to ask them some questions in the post so that they can answer it in comment section. You can also ask them to visit other posts on your account.
You can engage your audience on by adding stories too. It also gives better signals to Instagram Algorithm so that it can help you grow.

6) Initial Followers - Instagram is a platform where you don’t have to be dependent on your friends or contacts on other social platforms for initial followers. But still if you get some initial boost by sharing your content on other social channels like Whatsapp, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit etc then it will be a plus point. It will boost the speed of your Instagram account’s growth.

7) Exchange Shoutouts - After you get some hundreds or even thousands followers then you can exchange shoutouts which means you have to reach a handle with approximately same followers count as you have and you can offer them shoutout on your handle if they does same for you.
This trick is very useful as you can easily find handles with same followers count and after exchanging shoutouts your audience will also get exchanged which is beneficial for both of you.

How to earn money with Instagram ?

Earn Money with Instagram
Earn Money with Instagram

Instagram is a place where you can earn even if you are having zero followers. Some ways will require no followers but for some ways one will need some decent amount of followers to start earning.

1) Shoutouts - It means to add a greeting to any other Instagram handle so that they can get attention of your followers and interested one can follow them. It is the best way to earn on Instagram as many people want to have more followers and engagement.
If you reach some thousands of followers you can easily charge some bucks just for dedicating one post on your account. There are many sites which allows this facility where people reach to buy shoutouts. You can add your account info at that site and demand some bucks which you want to charge.
If you want to get Top 5 instagram Shoutout Sites which genuinely pays you can Email us on “ “

2) Affiliate Marketing - You don’t have any products to sell on Instagram still nothing to worry about, you can promote Affiliate Products on your Instagram account. The thing you have to keep in mind is your niche should be relevant.
Suppose you have a Instagram handle on Fitness related stuff then you can sell Affiliate products like Keto Diet, Obesity solution, Exercise equipments etc.
This method is very powerful because if your content will be good then users will definitely visit your affiliate product and conversion chances are also high on Instagram.

3) Traffic - You can use the traffic of Instagram on other platform from where you can earn money like Blogs, Websites, Link shorteners etc. Suppose you have a Blog and an Instagram account on same niche then you can ask your followers to check out your Blog by visiting the link in your bio. You have to post quality content for the same niche for taking full benefit of this method.

4) Selling Products - It is just similar to Affiliate Marketing just the difference is that you will promote your own product. If you are having products you can sell it on niche account on Instagram.
If you don’t have any product then there are many sites from where you can create your own products and sell them on Instagram. Some of the best examples is Teespring where you can build your own product.

5) Selling Accounts - It is also a good way to earn money from Instagram. There are alot of people who are ready to buy Instagram accounts which are already having good followers so that they don’t have to work harder. If you are having good organic follower count then you can make good bucks by selling accounts.

If you want to know some online platforms where you can sell you Instagram and earn real money then you can Email us on “ “ We will share the pdf for free which will also include some platforms where you can get Affiliate Products, Shoutouts and build your own virtual product.

How Instagram followers increase with the help of Instagram followers Hashtags ?

Instagram Followers Hashtags
Instagram Followers Hashtags

We have already discussed about the Hashtag but still it is so much powerful that it requires a separate section in the Blog. We will share some tips for using Hashtags effectively to use for growing your Instagram handle :

-> You should include the hashtag of your brand name so that interested people can follow it get more engagement. Also whenever someone will search or click on that Hashtag your all posts will appear on the screen
-> Don’t use same Hashtags again and again. Many of us do this mistake and it affects the reach. Always change your Hashtags in respect to your post, the more the hashtags you use the more engagement you get.

-> If you have converted your profile into Business profile then you can also check data that how much audience your post has got from Hashtags. You can check it in Insights.

-> For finding best Hashtags you can reach your post keyword on Instagram and in the Tags section you can check for plenty of Hashtags with their posts on it.

-> You can also take reference of Hashtags from the top handles of your niche which is already having a great audience.

Giveaway of 20 genuine Instagram followers for free

First thing you will be eager to know that will these followers be genuine ? Yes! These will be genuine and we have atleast 5 accounts of our own and hundreds from our community on different social groups.

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