Micro Niche Blog | How to find Less Competitive Keyword and Niche ? | Example of searching for a Micro Niche Keyword for writing Micro Niche Blog | Micro-Niche Vs MicroBlogging

Micro Niche Blog | How to find Less Competitive Keyword and Niche ? | Example of searching for a Micro Niche Keyword for writing Micro Niche Blog | Micro-Niche Vs MicroBlogging

Micro Niche Blog
Micro Niche Blog

Many successful Bloggers have always linked the future of Blogging with Micro Niche Blog. It is the best way to earn consistently with the Blog. It attracts somehow less traffic as compared to other forms of Blogging but if you strike at right point it can give you consistent results.

Micro Niche Blog is referred to Blogging on very narrow topic on which only few thousands of searches are present. For Example suppose if you writing on “ Mi Mobile Phones “ then it will be traditional Blogging. But if you write Blog on “ Mi Smart Phone under Rs 8,000/- “ then it will be a Micro Niche Blog.

It generally means to target a lesser competitive niche with some less traffic. Now considering the same example discussed earlier, suppose you are writing on “ Mi Smart Phones under Rs 8,000/- with 3GB RAM “ , now it will be also considered as Micro Niche Blog with comparatively less traffic.

If you are Blogging in a very less competitive Niche it will also be considered as Micro Niche Blogging. But we have to understand this that a Micro Niche Blog will get lesser traffic but the traffic will be consistent. A Micro Niche Blog is comparatively easier to rank.

How to find less competitive Niche and Keywords ?

Micro Niche Blog
Micro Niche Blog

For finding the less competitive Niche and Keyword Google has provided a Double Quotes (“”) service.

Follow the steps below for learning how to use it :

1) Search any Keyword on Google Search.
2) Now extent the Keyword by using search options or related searches

3) Now enter that somehow long Keyword in Google Search

4) Put Quotes in the start and end of the Keyword you are searching

5) Now check the number of results showing on “ About “ section just below the Menu Bar

6) You will find that your search result will decrease

7) The number in front of you will tell you how many people are working on exactly the same keyword

8) Now you can compare and research for different Micro Niche Keywords and start Blogging on them.

Example of Micro Niche Blogging :

Suppose you have searched for Shivratri Wishes , for this search you will find some crores of search results. Now extent the Keyword by taking help of Google’s related search option. Let your Keyword now be:  Shivratri Wishes in Hindi in 2021. Now this search will show you some Lakhs of results. But after adding double quotes in the start and end of the Keyword i.e, “ Advance Happy Diwali Wishes in Hindi in 2021 “ , it will show some thousands of results let it be 70,000 results. Now these 70,000 depicts the exact number of people working on the same niche.

After researching you can find a Micro Niche Keyword with comparatively better traffic, good CPC and less competition. Many people are working on these Micro Niche Blogs and making thousands daily. The main thing is that you need to understand that it will take some time but it will build a consistent platform of traffic.

Micro Niche and Consistent Income :

You have heard that the most difficult thing in Blogging is to earn your first $100 Why is it so? What the other Bloggers do to create a Consistent income stream? The Answer is Micro Niche Blogging. Micro Niche Blogging is always a key for almost all the Blogger in generating consistent income. There are Bloggers who owns 100+ Blogs and they even don't touch them daily, still those Blogs are generating income for them.

The Bloggers create a static single page Blog and write a long Blog post. The domain they buy is the Exact Match Domain which means they buy the domain name as per their target keyword. The income will be less but it will be consistent. Google Algorithm prefers Exact Match Domains on that particular keyword.

Still suppose you are earning only $1 per day from a Micro Niche Blog and you have created 50 Micro Niche Blogs then it will definitely give you atleast $40 per day without posting daily. You just need to write a good and long article with little On Page SEO.

Micro-Niche Blogging vs MicroBlogging :


Micro Niche Blog is many times misunderstood by MicroBlogging but these are different. Micro Niche Blogging limits its audience but MicroBlogging limits characters. A Micro Niche is something related to segmenting your audience that means targeting only a specific traffic for your website or Blog where as MicroBlogging is sharing your thoughts or views in some limited phrases or characters.

For Example :
Twitter can be considered as a MicroBlogging platform in which character space is limited and you have to share within those limits.
But on the other hand in Micro Niche Blog you can write infinite characters but for a limited audience.

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