How to earn money online in 2021 | Top 5 ways to earn money online from home | Earning money online in India | How to earn money online without investment

How to earn money online in 2021 ? | Top 5 ways to earn money online from home | Earning money online in India ? | How to earn money online without investment ?

How to earn money online in 2020
How to earn money online in 2021

I will be giving some best ways on How to earn online in 2021 without investment. The results are calculated by carrying out a small online survey. In this blog I will also give you one example from real life and from the options suggested and if you did not find it inspiring I will like you to give suggestion in the comment box.

Definitely you will be getting some stats in it with the expected income you can make from it. I will also share steps to pursue these options and how will you definitely succeed in the following and start to earn money online in 2021. I can bet if you will follow the steps you will succeed in earning online income.

1 – Youtubing
2 – Affiliate Marketing
3 – Online Tutoring
4 – Blogging
5 – Selling a Service

1 – Youtubing

How to earn money online in 2020

How to earn money online in 2021

You will gradually love to know that only in india 245 million people each month watch online videos. And everyone also knows that the world’s no 1 Youtube channel is T-Series. So you can understand about the potential in this platform. It is still the best way to earn money online in 2021 either in India or in any other country. You can easily create a Youtube channel worth nothing and start making money. As I promised earlier that I will share an steps for every subpoints which can change your life. So here’s the first:

Steps to pursue:

-> Make a Gmail ID and a Youtube account which is of no cost.

-> Use your earphones in the starting as your mic and your mobile camera for videography. ( I bet you that it is not important to buy new mic and DSLR, the things matters is just your content and consistency )

-> Start posting videos, post a video in every two days. If you are a student and not having enough time then make all the 3-4 vidoes of full week on Sunday or any holiday but post one video every two days.

-> Make quality content to generate traffic. I will ensure you that if you will make 4 videos every week till 6 months i.e, 96 videos continuously then you will cross 1000 subscibers and 4000hrs watch time which is necessary to enable Google Adsense.

-> Now make Google Adsense account and connect it with your channel and monetise it.

-> Now you can limit your video making to 2 videos per week.

I ensure you if you will be following the steps you will start earning well through Youtube. But bet is that you have to follow each step without any skip.

Expected Income :- After six months you can earn 100$ per month easily.
 And after 1 year you can earn 200$ per month easily. But the income can be maximized according to your wish.

Note : Don’t worry we know that 2nd comes after 1st but the 2nd point consist of a practical example or story as promised earlier so we will explain Affiliate Markerting in the last.

3  Online Tutoring

How to earn money online in 2020
How to earn money online in 2021

Today’s education system is a big failure in many areas like practical knowledge, updated syllabus, real life examples and innovations etc. We cannot imagine the amount of money one can make by teaching online. You have definitely heard about BYJUs which is currently the leading brand in online tutoring, I will suggest you to read about BYJUs story for inspiration.
The best thing in this category is that you can have your own time, own topic and it also enhances your knowledge.

Steps to pursue:

-> First you need some advertisement by various ways. Make a pamphlet photo and video and send it to your contacts. Use various social media platforms like Facebook groups and Whatsapp groups.

-> Now suppose the minimum amount of students you got from advertisement or references be 5. You can charge Rs 500/- per hour per student.

-> For online tutoring you will require just a Smart Phone, now go live on online video conferencing Apps like Zoom.

-> Now you have to spend only 2 hours of your day to earn Rs 2500/- per month in start, it is not a bad number. For one hour you have to prepare for your topic because this field needs value content for expansion and the other hour will be used for teaching.

-> You can join numerous Whatsapp groups by just searching on Google and also get added to various Facebook groups of your interest. Also you can offer discounts to your ongoing students in case they bring students for you. (The discount can range upto 50% to even 100% for one month of their fees)

-> Now suppose your reach in a month was upto 500 contacts on Whatsapp, 200 users on Facebook & 100 personal contacts (if you have not reached this number, you have to put more efforts). So now you will definitely get 5 more students to teach in the second month, suppose you are currently having 10 students in the second month and you have to reach upto the same number to add 5 Students per month.

Expected Income :- After 6 months suppose you got atleast 20 Students, now if you will charge 500 per student you will end up making Rs 10,000/- per month by devoting just 2 hours per day. You can expand this number as per your hard work. I have seen people making Rs 50,000/- per month from this category.

4  Blogging

How to earn money online in 2020
How to earn money online in 2021

As you know that the survey was done in INDIA only so Blogging has got the 4th place but in any foreign country it can get top rank. Because still many people are unaware about blogging process in india.

As you know I will be telling you about only free ways to earn money in this blog, so we will discuss about in this phase.
I will teach you how to earn money through the free blogging platform i.e, by event blogging.

Steps to pursue:

-> Make a gmail account, a blogger account and a google adsense account.

-> As many of you know that will not provide you custom domain and it is very difficult to get google adsense approval on it.

-> So here’s the solution, you can initially go for “.ooo” domain. This is not a very popular domain and is available free for a year (Note : After that they will charge high for renewal in next year) But still you have one free year and which is great idea for beginners.

-> Your domain should be related to your niche i.e, event blogging so let it be “” , connect it with your blogger account and apply for google adsense approval.

-> Suppose after 3 months you will be having Diwali Festival, then start writing about it, use free images from different websites.

-> Use free SEO tools by searching on Google, use high traffic keywords. Do all the SEO friendly settings in your website.

-> Consider that you have written about the topic that “ How Diwali is celebrated in various parts of India ”. Write atleast 1500 words and use your keywords again and again.

-> You will get to know you are getting traffic near Diwali without any paid SEO or promotion.

-> Now talking about the stats you have to write 1 blog every week about the events coming after 2-3 months.

Expected income : Being frank it is very difficult to earn till 4 months. But after 4 months if you are continuously posting blogs you can easily earn 100$ per month.
After 1 year of continuous event posting you can earn 200$ per month.

5  Selling a Skill

How to earn money online in 2020
How to earn money online in 2021

The 5th place according to the short survey is given to “Selling a Service”. Now close your eyes and explore yourself and find what you are good at? If you are thinking that you are not having any skill worth selling, then you are wrong. You must be having something which you may not be perfect but believe me it is not necessary. For this you can develop a skill also, firstly develop it then sell it.
Some options of services you can sell are:
Yoga, Dance, Singing, Painting, Designing, Cooking

Steps to pursue:

We will be taking the example of a common skill i.e, Cooking

-> Suppose the skill in which you are good is Cooking.

-> Prepare some demo videos with any unique dish but it must be with easily available ingredients. Add your contact number in the video from where any interested viewer can contact you.

-> You can also make pamphlet picture with all the details and share on different social media platforms. Also take help from your friends for sharing. Use Facebook groups related to cooking for marketing.

-> You can use many tools for giving cooking class like SKYPE on which you can add many viewers at a time by generating a code.

-> You have to use 2 hours of your daily routine in which 1 hour you will use to prepare your class material and method. The other 1 hour will be used to teach your students

-> Remember to charge less in the starting just like Rs 1000/- per month per person. If you will get 10 students in the starting you can easily make Rs 10,000/- per month by spending 2 hours per day.

-> And this is not the limit, you can increase your limit of earning as much as you want by innovating as per your ideas.

-> Let me give you an idea, there are many students or young job workers like me who have to move away from their homes and start cooking by themselves. They will love to pay for a daily personal assistance in cooking. In this idea you can fix a time period like dinner period in which you will get connected on any video calling app. Then you will assist your student step by step in making his dinner. I will love to pay Rs 1000/- per month for making different and healthy unique dishes which I am unable to make without assistance.

  Affiliate Marketing

How to earn money online in 2020
How to earn money online in 2021

Yes you heard it right. The way affiliate marketing is gaining popularity and people have started researching on it. Still it is having less competition as compared to Youtube. But in 2021
 it will gain high traffic and who knows that I will be writing about it in 2021 and will be giving it the top place.

Steps to pursue :

-> For this earning option you have to decide the marketing platform on which you are having some good traffic. The options you can use are :
Website or Blog
Whatsapp Group
Facebook Group

I will be covering here the marketing strategy for only Whatspp group. For selling on whatsapp you will require customers. I am using here the word customer because in this option you will be getting real consumers. The best thing for affiliate marketing is that you do not need to own a product.

-> Don’t worry if you do not have high number of Whatsapp contacts. I will tell you how to start from your contacts and how to reach a good level of customers.

-> Write an effective Bio about the group you want to start, also add your group link and request them to join it. For making your bio attractive use phrases like: 50% off on products, Amazon or Flipkart branded products, High discount vouchers etc.

-> Now you have to send the message with group link to your contacts only. Now suppose we can say you have got only 50 customers in your group. You have to keep posting atleast 10 products per day.

-> Make affiliate marketing account of atleast 2 or 3 big E-Commerce platforms to get more number of products quantity.

-> Now for increasing your customers and getting audience from other sources use following ways:

a) Get added to some high number of members on Facebook groups related to your niche and country. After you are added in 10 Facebook groups, make an attractive pamphlet picture and write the same bio in your caption and put in all the groups. If we consider less, still you can get atleast 50 from each group if you have chosen high traffic group.
Now you are having suppose 550 customers and you can manage them in 2 or more groups.

b) Now another way is that you can connect with different consumers and make them resellers. Ask them to add you in their group and you will provide them products from your affiliate accounts. Give them 50% of your expected profit. Now suppose you are having 5 resellers who are having 5 different groups with 100 customers. Now you have a total of 1050 customers.

There are many paid ways also to get numerous contacts of customers but I will not be talking about them because I am making this video only on free ways.
-> If you are thinking that this is just lame and you cannot get these much contacts and cannot earn money then I can tell you that one of my friend is having 10,000 customers on whatsapp groups. He makes Rs 3000/- – Rs 4000/- per day. Yes! You heard it right Rs 90,000/- to Rs 1,20,000/- per month. So you can understand about the potential in it. He also started with only his own contacts but slowly expanded his customers. He didn’t earned anything in his first month but now earning lakhs like a boss.

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