What is SEO? | Types of SEO | On Page SEO, Off Page SEO and Technical SEO

What is SEO? | Types of SEO | On Page SEO, Off Page SEO and Technical SEO

What is SEO ?
What is SEO ?

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization which means optimizing your content in a way to rank it on any search engine. SEO is itself a field where many courses are present and there are lot of people making money with this word SEO.

The SEO which needs to checked for ranking on Google follows some Algorithm which means set of instructions which decides the ranking of any website on a particular keyword. Currently there are more than 200 Algorithms available through which Google decides its ranking.

There are majorly three types of SEO :
1) On Page SEO
2) Off Page SEO
3) Technical SEO

# On Page SEO :
The optimization which is done on your webpage is related to On Page SEO. It include many factors and we will try to cover atleast 5 in this section.

-> Keyword Placement :  It is a very important factor in SEO as many Pro Bloggers suggests that placing your Keyword at the right place can be a algorithm of Google.
So where you should place it? According to some researches we have found that you should keep your Keyword in your Title, Meta Description, URL and Headings of various paragraphs. It will definitely lead to better results. You will definitely use your Keywords in body of your content but that we will discuss in next point.

-> Keyword Density : It means the density of your keyword in the post meaning how many times you have used your and at which place. It can be defined as number of times your keyword used in your post in context to the length or total words in that post.

-> Header tags : The headers used in a post make it more relevant. It differentiates between your Title, Subtitle and normal content. These are also important in terms of SEO and Google Bots..

-> Images and ALT tag : According to Google itself if your blog is having some good quality images, it will give good points to you and help in ranking. Also it can help in increasing traffic from Google image search.
But never copy an image either make your own or use Royalty free images. After you have added your image in your Blog, enter the caption with your targeting Keyword. Now Click on Properties and enter your keyword in Alt Tag.
Congrats you have optimised your image and after entering in Alt Tag your image will be available on Google Search.

-> Labels : We know that most of the Bloggers on the net never focuses on Labels but read till the end you will get to its benefits. Labels will categorise your posts and help in indexing better.
Have you noticed a Breadcrumbs error in your Google Search Console? So here’s the solution for that error too. Labels will also create Breadcrumbs for your site. After adding labels you will see a simple but useful Breadcrumb will get added to your post. It will help redirect user towards the Blogs of their desired category.

# Off Page SEO
It includes creating links for your site. It does not include SEO related to content or site but it includes building authority and links for your site.

Backlinks are redirecting URL submitted to a different website for increasing the traffic of own website. Backlinks are the most important factor in SEO of a website or Blog. The Blogs which rank on first page of Google must be having High Quality Backlinks for redirecting traffic.

Lets us take an example, suppose you are having a website with url “abc.com” and there is a website with very high traffic monthly with url “xyz.com”. Now suppose that website is having a comment section in which they have allowed adding link. So you have to enter your comment with your website link i.e, abc.com . Now some of the traffic from xyz.com will be redirected to your website abc.com boosting your traffic. Also the Google Spider or Crawler also works the same, it will also get redirected to your website from different website.

Various ways to create free Backlinks :
1) Backlinks through Guest Post
2) Competitors Backlinks
3) Backlinks through Broken Links
4) Paid Backlinks
5) PBN – Private Blog Network
6) Free Backlinks Generator

# Technical SEO
This type of SEO does not include any content part. It focuses on technical areas of your site like loading time, Redirects, SSL certification etc.

The major factors which comes under Technical SEO  are :
-> Loading Speed : This factor  matters alot as it is based on user’s experience. If your site or page will have slow loading speed then it will definitely increase your bounce back rate. It also will affect your ranking as per Google’s Algorithm.

SSL Certification : It is a trusting factor as if you are having an SSL Certification for your site then it will regarded as more secure. Also currently Google has stated that without SSL Certificate ranking of a site will get affected drastically.

-> Errors : There are many like 404 errors or Broken links which needs to be corrected in context of Technical SEO. It also decrease your points in terms of Google Algorithms. The crawler while crawling your site will decrease your ranking if it finds any errors or Broken links.

-> Robots.txt : This is a type of file which shows what needs to be crawled and what not. The file is very helpful when you don’t want any of your content to not get crawled by Google Bots.

-> Sitemap : It is a coded form of map of your site. It acts like an index page of your website. You can create your sitemap using Yoast Plugin on Wordpress.

-> Other : Now some aspects left which also needs to be told are:
a) Your Theme should be responsive
b) The site should be mobile friendly
c) Your domain name should be relatable to your niche

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