How to Earn Money on YouTube without Adsense ? | How to Grow a YouTube Channel ? | YouTube Monetization Requirements 2021 / YouTube Partner Program

How to Earn Money on YouTube without Adsense ? | How to Grow a YouTube Channel ? | YouTube Monetization Requirements 2021 / YouTube Partner Program

How to Earn Money on YouTube without Adsense
How to Earn Money on YouTube without Adsense

YouTube is World’s biggest video sharing online platform with an Alexa Rank of 2 which means the site is world's second most popular site. Many Youtubers start YouTubing to earn money but fail in their first attempt. So we will be discussing best ways to get better success on YouTube organically. 

You will definitely find a worth reading article below if you want success in YouTubing. Our article will be based on YouTube Algorithms, Earning ways, Paid methods and even some tools which help in growing rapidly on YouTube.

On the question of should YouTube be taken as a full time career our opinion will be, Yes! You can definitely make it as a full time career but only if you have interest in the platform and also after taking full knowledge of the platform and system.

We will provide knowledge on How to Earn Money on YouTube without AdSense ? and How to Grow a YouTube Channel ? We will be also discussing on Latest YouTube Monetization Requirements 2021
 / YouTube Partner Program


If you are a YouTuber or thinking to pursue Youtubing then you should definitely be thinking about :


Yes you are right there is something which creates a difference and that is some tools like this one we are sharing with you below or some paid advertisement.

On an Average paid advertisement will cost atleast $ 500 - $ 1000 + to increase the reach of each of your video.
So the solution is a Tool which you can use anytime for any video you post.

Check out the Tool here :

How to Earn Money on YouTube without Adsense


 How to Grow a YouTube Channel ?

1) Continuous Posting : The best way to treat YouTube’s algorithm is to post videos continuously. YouTube’s algorithm promotes the videos and channels who post continuously and make more content. If possible in the initial period you should upload a video daily. After some time when your channel grows upto some extent then you can decrease the rate of video posting.

2) Quality of Content : There are some other factors also responsible for ranking which include:
-> Bounce Back Rate
-> Video and Voice Quality

Here Bounce Back Rate directly depends on the quality of content because if the content will be better then Bounce Back Rate will also be less. Also you should try to provide quality summary of the video in the starting so that users get curious and keep watching your video for long time. Don’t waste more time asking them to subscribe your channel. You can keep this request in the middle of the video so that initially user can get the content for which he came to your video.

Video and Voice Quality is also a factor included in YouTube’s Algorithm. So the YouTuber should keep in mind that his voice quality should be loud and clear. Also the quality of the video should be high which will also help in ranking better. These two factors are read by YouTube’s Algorithm and also considered for better ranking.

3) Engagement : It includes the rate of likes, comment and sharing of your video. The more these signals are produced the more engagement it lead, hence helping in better ranking. You can ask your viewers to like, comment and share so as to increase the engagement.

4) Using Relevant Title and Description : If you use relevant Title and description keeping the aspects of SEO in mind then also your videos will be more likely to rank on YouTube and Google. There are also some Tools present which can help you in finding better optimised Title and Description.

5) Using Tags : If you use the tags which are already ranking according to YouTube’s Algorithm then you can also get advantage and can rank higher. You can use the tags of your competitors and also some better tags from him in order to rank better..


As discussed earlier there are some tools present in the market which can provide you instant Title, Description and Tags by just some clicks.
The Title, Description and Tags will help you in instant ranking as they are already optimized as per SEO and YouTube’s Algorithm.

Click here :

How to Grow a YouTube Channel


Ways to Earn from YouTube | How to Earn Money on YouTube without Adsense ?

1) Google Adsense - The best way to earn money through YouTube is by monetizing your channel. You can monetize your YouTube channel after 4000 Watch Hours and 1000 Subscribers as per YouTube Monetization Requirements 2021 / YouTube Partner Program. So for applying to Google Adsense you need to have a good working channel which completes the minimum requirements.

Expected Income - There is no any rule of expected income. Also there is no any exact relation of views with your revenue. Still for an estimation suppose you have followed all the above steps then initially you can easily make $100 per month. But it is not the end you can scale it to any number which you cannot believe.

2) Affiliate Marketing - It is also a good way to earn from YouTube channel and the best thing is that you do not require to complete some watch time and subscribers. You can monetize your channel from many Affiliate Platforms like Amazon, Clickbank, Digistore etc.
You can provide link in the description of your YouTube video so that people can visit your link and make a sale.

Also it do not depends on the traffic, views or subscribers. Understand it with an example, some times before there was a new and unique Amazon product on which there was no any video present on YouTube so we made one and optimized it with our Tool. In a month or two, we got only 600 odd views but among those 600 we were able to get approx 200 clicks and 10-12 sales which landed a commission of $200+ which was not a bad deal through only one video.

3) Sponsored Videos - This method requires some good engagement on your channel but it does mean that it will take a huge number. If you cross 10k mark of subscribers you can still start getting Sponsored Posts.
One of a well known YouTuber having just 30k subscribers did a sponsored video worth $500 for a hosting company.

-> The best thing is that you can combine them and use even all these methods to monetize your channel. The best way will be starting from Affiliate Marketing as you can earn directly without keeping subscribers count in mind. Then after completing 1k Subscribers and 4k Watch Time you can apply for Google Adsense. After your channel get some good engagement you will start getting Sponsored posts too. In this way you can opt for all these methods simultaneously.

The answer on How to Earn Money on YouTube without Adsense is the above two ways which include Affiliate Marketing and Sponsored Videos. Also on How to Grow YouTube Channel fast, we will suggest you to use some tools, some of them are also freely available on Google like Social Blade which provides better stats of different videos so that you can use the stats for your ranking. 

YouTube Monetization Requirements 2021 / YouTube Partner Program is not a thing to worry if you are following all the steps we stated above. Just keep on posting quality content, you will definitely get success.

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