What are Backlinks ? | What are Backlinks in SEO ? | What are Do Follow Backlinks and No Follow Backlinks ? | Free Backlink Checker – DA, PA & Spam Score

What are Backlinks ? | What are Backlinks in SEO ? | What are Do Follow Backlinks and No Follow Backlinks ? | Free Backlink Checker – DA, PA & Spam Score

Backlinks in SEO
Backlinks in SEO

Backlinks are redirecting URL submitted to a different website for increasing the traffic of own website. Backlinks are the most important factor in SEO of a website or Blog. The Blogs which rank on first page of Google must be having High Quality Backlinks for redirecting traffic.

Lets us take an example, suppose you are having a website with url “abc.com” and there is a website with very high traffic monthly with url “xyz.com”. Now suppose that website is having a comment section in which they have allowed adding link. So you have to enter your comment with your website link i.e, abc.com . Now some of the traffic from xyz.com will be redirected to your website abc.com boosting your traffic. Also the Google Spider or Crawler also works the same, it will also get redirected to your website from different website.

Backlinks in SEO:
Backlinks in SEO
Backlinks in SEO

You have definitely heard about the SEO companies which will rank your websites and increase your website traffic by charging some money from you. Have you ever thought that ‘How they do that?’
The answer is they are having a large number of quality websites with high organic traffic. The number can be from thousands, yes thats why they are a company. They manage huge number of websites to give you paid services.

Relation of Search Preferences with Backlinks:
are considered important factor in SEO as Google Bots will also be redirected to your website by that backlink. When Google Bots crawl a website and get to know that many websites are redirecting them to your website then they will prefer your website and rank it higher than others. Think of getting a Backlink from Wikipedia or CNN News Site and how much preference it will provide to your website.

Do Follow and No Follow Backlinks:
Backlinks in SEO
Backlinks in SEO

Do Follow Backlinks
refers to the link which tells Google Bots or other search engines to crawl to the redirecting website and give preference to it. It helps in better ranking of your site. The more Do Follow Links you have the more points you can get from search engine crawlers. But it is also important to not try for a Do Follow Backlink from spamming as it will decrease your site points.
No Follow Backlinks refers to the HTML attributes which tells search engine bots to not follow those links. These links do not help in site ranking or SEO. This is done only to reduce spamming because if you add multiple spam backlinks it will lead to penalisation and even blocking your monetization platform. Still according to recent statements of Google they have told that they still give some points for No Follow Backlinks.

Free Backlink Checker :

Backlinks in SEO
Backlinks in SEO

There are some factors on which we can check quality of your Backlink. The major factors involves:
Spam Score (SS) – It depicts the value of spam present in your Backlink. The spam score should always be less for your Backlink. According to us your SS should be less than 2.
PA – It refers to Page Authority. It represents the value of authority of your page i.e, it depicts the value of your page withstanding the rules for getting good ranking as per SERPs. The PA should always be higher than 40.
DA – It refers to Domain Authority. It is similar to the PA but it depicts the value of the your full domain. According to us if your DA is greater than 40 then it is also a good score.

# Now if you want to check these factors and understand the quality of a Backlink website, you can use various free website tools.
- Write “moz link explorer” or “website seo checker spam score checker” on Google Search
- Click on the first result you see.
- Now enter the domain name on which you want to make your Backlink and enter captcha.
- You will see the DA, PA or SS of the link entered and carry out your research.

Various ways to create free Backlinks :

1) Backlinks through Guest Post
2) Competitors Backlinks
3) Backlinks through Broken Links
4) Paid Backlinks
5) PBN – Private Blog Network
6) Free Backlinks Generator

We have explained all these categories of creating Backlinks deeply with examples in another Blog. Kindly follow the link below:


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