Steps to create Amazon Affiliate Account with Tax Information | Amazon Affiliate Program India | Amazon Affiliate Commission In India

Steps to create Amazon Affiliate Account with Tax Information | Amazon Affiliate India Program | Amazon Affiliate India Commission

Amazon Affiliate India Program is the best program for earning through selling products. You don’t have to make any product, you just have to sell it on any relevant platform. If you have a Blog, Any social media group, Email IDs for marketing the products, you can make money.

Amazon Affiliate India
Amazon Affiliate India

There are currently 10 countries where Amazon Affiliate Program is active. The countries include :
United States
United Kingdom

All these countries have their individual independent program that means you can make account for each and every countries listed above and can sell the products.

Why Amazon ?

Amazon is the worlds best E-commerce platform so why to ask this question? Amazon provides best products, best margin and many other offers. It also provides better interface between affiliate platform and the seller. It has 24 hours service for its program that means if anyone buy any product anytime from your link, you can get commission for it.

Steps to create Amazon Affiliate Account :

1) Search Amazon Affiliate on Google
2) Click on the first link in front of you
3) Click on “Join Now for Free” at upper right corner
4) Now Login to your already existing account or create one.
5) After that add your Account Information like Payee Name, Address, City, State, Postal Code and Phone Number etc and Click on Next
6) Now enter the link on which platform you want to sell the products. You can also add Mobile App URL if available. Now Click on Next
7) Now enter the Store ID you want and write description of your website
8) Select Primary and Secondary topics of your Site
9) Select the items you want to sell with the Affiliate Program
10) Select the primary and secondary type of your website
11) Now enter Traffic and Monetization details about your website
12) After entering Captcha and agreeing on Terms and Conditions, Click Finish
13) Note down your Amazon Associate ID for future use.

#Payment and Tax Information

14) For entering your payment details click on Now in the bottom of the window
15) Enter you PAN, Organization Type and Payment Method
16) Now enter your Bank Account Details and Click on Submit

Amazon Affiliate India Commission on different products:

Amazon Affiliate India
Source : Amazon Official Site

Amazon Affiliate Marketing through Youtubing:
Amazon Affiliate India
Amazon Affiliate India

The best way to sell the products through Amazon Affiliate India is to show the uses and benefits practically. You can start your Youtube Channel and show the uses of these products, provides review to the public and add the product link through which if user buys any product you can get your commission.

Make playlist on different categories of products like you can use Mobiles as your playlist and add video information of different mobiles with your selling link. For more better reference open Amazon Site and Check different categories like Mobiles, Computers, TV, Men’s Fashion, Kitchen etc.

You can also check the Bestseller Products who will be having higher demand and can give better conversions for Associates. For checking them directly search “ Amazon Bestsellers “ and click on the first link. You can check the various Bestsellers products on different categories and can choose the Micro Niche you want to target for earning through Amazon Affiliate India Program.

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