Blogging in Hindi | Meaning of Blogging in Hindi | What is Blogging in Hindi ? | Hindi Blogging kya hai ? | ब्लॉगिंग हिंदी में

Blogging in Hindi | Meaning of Blogging in Hindi | What is Blogging in Hindi ? | Hindi Blogging kya hai ? | 
ब्लॉगिंग हिंदी में

Blogging in Hindi
 Blogging in Hindi

Targeting your regional language is itself a Micro Niche. You can start Blogging in Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, French, German and many other languages. It is also considered the future of Blogging. Because people are so possessive for their regional languages and also many of them do not know English so they search directly in their language.
One more benefit comes in this category is that many times users use the Voice Search feature provided by Google and almost 70% people use their own language in Voice Searching.
Once in a Blogger meet up Google itself told that start working in regional language which depicts that there is somehow less content present in these languages. So from this you can understand its potential.

If you want to understand the potential search anything in hindi on google and check the stats of top 3 sites. You will find out even one of the top blogging site of india i.e, shout me loud also pursue Blogging in Hindi.

Why hindi?

You can start Blogging in any different language. But if you know hindi you can target 322 Millions people which speaks and understand hindi. You can target not only the people of India but also people of different parts of world. There are 8 millions hindi speakers in Nepal, 863 thousand in United States of America, 450 thousands in Mauritius, 380 Thousand in Fiji, 250 milliion in South Africa and many more in other countries. So you can now understand the power of Blogging in Hindi.

Tools used for Blogging in Hindi

Blogging in Hindi
Blogging in Hindi

We can use many different tools which will help us Blogging in hindi. Some of the tools are:

Google Translator : There are many people who do not know to write in hindi properly so they can use Google Translator tool. They can write their content in English or any other language and easily translate it with the help of Google Translator. But many of the Bloggers use it in different way, they copy any content and then translate it for posting in their Blog, which is not ethical. Google is smarter than us, it can still check palgarism in your content and even you can face penalization from Google.

Hindi Spell Checker : It is also a good tool which can be used for checking spelling mistakes done by us while Blogging in Hindi. It is similar to Grammarly, the only difference is language.

Palgarism Checker : It can also be useful while Blogging in Hindi. If your content is copied, it can be even blocked by Google. For using this tool, search Palgarism Checker on Google and paste your content for checking it.

Google Trends : It is a great way to find out trending content. We are adding it here because Google Trends can help you find relevant and trending hindi topics for blogging too. You can even take idea of the content and plan your research accordingly.

Competition Level for Blogging in Hindi

Blogging in Hindi is considered as a type of Micro Niche Blogging itself. The reason is that there is still comparatively less competition in Hindi Blogging then compared to Blogging in English. You will find comparatively less traffic also but it will be definitely earn you money. Slowly the competition has started to increase and in future it can be the most competitive region to Blog.

Types of Hindi Blogs:

It might seems weird but we have divided types of Hindi Blogging also.

1) Hindi Font – In this type of Hindi blogging you will use directly the Hindi font for your blog like “
आप ब्लॉगिंग कर रहे हैं “. It will help you get traffic more from voice searches and direct hindi keywords. In this type, keyword research and content writing is somehow difficult as compared to the other.

2) English Font – This type includes writing with english font but in hindi language like “ Aap Blogging kar rahe hain “. It is considered as less difficult than the above in keyword researching and content writing. Many of the Pro-Bloggers do use this technique and the best example is ShoutMeLoud.

What is Blogging in Hindi ?
What is Blogging in Hindi ?

Expected Earning : The expected earning ranges from 50$ to 100$ per month if you follow all rules of Blogging in Hindi too. But for reaching this amount too you need to follow all the basics of Blogging like On Page and Off Page SEO, Sitemap, Robots.txt, Backlinks, Internal Linking etc. The earning might sound less for many people but you can start as many websites as you want and can multiply the income.

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