Steps for WhatsApp Status Video Download | How to change WhatsApp Dp from Mobile App and WhatsApp Web ? | WhatsApp DP Meaning and WhatsApp DP Size


We already know that WhatsApp is one of the biggest platform on social media and has already build its monopoly. So we have again come up with some solutions and knowledge on this social media platform.

We will be sharing Steps for WhatsApp Status Video Download as per request received by a reader and also we will share steps to change WhatsApp Profile Image in this Blog. We will provide knowledge from basics i.e, WhatsApp DP Meaning and what is the best resolution or WhatsApp DP Size suitable on WhatsApp.

Some of readers will be amazed to know that they can download the WhatsApp status directly from their mobile phones without downloading any other third party APK or App. We will share the Steps for WhatsApp Status Video Download in the ending of the Blog with each detailed steps and images for better understanding.

But before talking about WhatsApp DP Meaning we need to firstly talk on some info about WhatsApp, it is one of the biggest online messaging App in the world. It was released in 2009 and currently it is owned by Facebook, Inc. You can send direct messages to your contacts, send emojis, Gifs and stickers on WhatsApp. One can also create Group or broadcast and even watch statuses of their contacts. You can also voice call and video call your contacts through the platform.


WhatsApp DP Meaning and WhatsApp DP size

WhatsApp DP Meaning is simply the Display Picture (DP) displayed on your WhatsApp profile. WhatsApp DP can be also called as WhatsApp Profile Picture which resembles your account on this social media platform.

WhatsApp DP Meaning or Profile Image is that it can be your own image or your idol or any wallpaper or anything you want to put which will act like your unique identity on any social media platform.

Now after understanding about WhatsApp DP Meaning your should have the question in mind that can I upload any type of image or what will be the best WhatsApp DP Size. The answer is yes, WhatsApp DP Meaning does not restrict it to use any form of image but the best resolution or WhatsApp DP Size for which it is made for, is definitely present.

The best WhatsApp DP Size or resolution is 500 x 500 pixels. Yes! the square shaped WhatsApp Profile Picture with the following resolution is considered to be the best for the platform.



How to change WhatsApp DP from Mobile App and WhatsApp Web ?

Now you know WhatsApp DP Meaning and best WhatsApp DP Size or resolution. Now before telling you about WhatsApp Status Video Download, we will share step to step guide on How you can change your WhatsApp DP from your Mobile Phones as well as WhatsApp Web.


Steps to change WhatsApp DP from Mobile App :

1 ) Open WhatsApp on your Mobile Phone.

2 ) Click on the three vertical dots on the upper right corner of the App

3) Now click on Settings in the Menu list

4 ) Now you can see your current WhatsApp DP size or it may be blank if you have not uploaded one, click on the image or the blank circle on the top pane

5 ) Now in the bottom of the circle, click on the camera icon, you will see the following three options :

- > Remove Photo
- > Gallery
- > Camera


6 ) Now you got two options for uploading your WhatsApp Profile Image, click on Gallery if you want to upload already clicked or downloaded image.

7 ) After selecting the Gallery option you will be re-directed to the Mobile Phone’s gallery, now select the image you want to upload.

8 ) After that the image will be previewed with a size block and three options in the bottom that are :

9 ) After adjusting to the size block and rotating in the desired angle if required, Click on Done. Now you will see your WhatsApp DP size adjusted and changed in front of you.

10 ) In Case you have selected Camera the you can click your real time image which you want as your WhatsApp DP and click on tick option for confirmation. Now you will see your image becoming your WhatsApp Profile Image or DP



Steps to change WhatsApp DP from WhatsApp Web :


Similarly, WhatsApp also provides option to change or remove your WhatsApp DP while using WhatsApp Web. So below are the steps to change your DP from WhatsApp Web :

1 ) On the WhatsApp Web window click on three dots on the upper right corner and Click on Settings or directly click on the image on the upper left corner.

2 ) Now on the profile circle if you hover the cursor, you can see the option of CHANGE PROFILE PHOTO written, Click on the option

3 ) After clicking on the circle you will find the following four options :
-> View photo
-> Take photo
-> Upload photo
-> Remove photo

WhatsApp DP - Upload Photo
WhatsApp DP - Upload Photo

4) Now you have two options to upload your WhatsApp Profile Image i.e, either by Take photo or by Upload photo.

5 )  Click on Upload photo and a dialog box containing your PC folders will open.

6 ) Select the image you want to add as your WhatsApp DP and click on Open

7 ) Now you will find the size box with the selected image with Zoom In/Out, Cancel and Upload option. Now similarly here also you can adjust the WhatsApp DP size from the section available.

8 ) After adjusting the image click on Upload and your Profile Image will be changes successfully.

9 ) If you had selected the Take photo option then a popup asking for using your PC or Laptop camera will appear, click on Allow.

WhatsApp DP -  Allow Camera
WhatsApp DP -  Allow Camera

10 ) After that you can click the real time image and upload as your Profile Image.




Steps for WhatsApp Status Video Download


After understanding about the WhatsApp DP Meaning and its aspects we are here to tell you that you may don’t know that you can WhatsApp Status Video Download which has been put by your friends on WhatsApp which you are able to see with your Mobile App. There are many Apps available for this service also but we will showcase here the Steps for WhatsApp Status Video Download or even any image which has been put as WhatsApp Status by any of your friends. So the Steps for WhatsApp Status Video Download are as follow :


1 ) Go to your WhatsApp profile and watch the status which you want to download on your mobile phone.

2 ) Now for WhatsApp Status Video Download, Go to File Manager of your mobile device. On many devices the name can be different than File Manager so you need to just visit the section where you can see all the folders and storage of your device.

3 ) Now find the WhatsApp folder in the File Manager it can be named as “ WhatsApp”. Click on the WhatsApp folder.

4 ) Now you will see some other folders, now you need to click on Media folder.

5 ) You will find all types of media files present related to your WhatsApp platform.

6 ) Now you may not find the desired folder directly from here so click on the three dots or settings options as per your device and click on “ show hidden files “ option.

7 ) After clicking on show hidden files you will see some other files getting shown on the UI. Now search for the “ .Statuses “ folder and click on it.

8 ) Now you will be able to see all the images as well as videos from the status of your WhatsApp.

9 ) You need to select the desired WhatsApp Status Video Download and move it to any other folder because in this folder the files will be vanished if they get removed from the WhatsApp status so before its removal or before 24 hours of the status you need to move it to other folder to keep it downloaded.

10 ) For moving the video you can select the desired file and click on move, now select the folder in which you want the file to be moved.

11 ) Now you will be able to see the file permanently on you Gallery and File Manager but it will also be removed from your WhatsApp Status list. In this way you can easily WhatsApp Status Video Download or any status image without using any other third party Apps.




We have discussed about the WhatsApp DP Meaning and the best WhatsApp DP Size or Resolution. In this Blog we have also shared the Ways and Steps to change the WhatsApp DP either from Mobile App or WhatsApp Web. We have also shown step by step and with images about the Steps for WhatsApp Status Video Download and also the status image.

In any of the next upcoming Blog we will share the benefits of another great service of the platform i.e, WhatsApp Business, it is one of the most important tool for businesses if they are on WhatsApp. WhatsApp business comes with many good features so that one can use it for their business.

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