How to Learn Coding Online in India even when you are from Non-Coding Background ? | Learn Coding Online for Beginners | Earn Money Online by Learning Coding Skills

Learn Coding Online
Learn Coding Online


Learning Coding Online seems worthy when various governments are taking measures for working in the field of programming and computer science. Like Indian government has proposed changes in the current education system which will allow children to learn coding from 6th standard only. One must understand the future which will be based on coding and programming because even governments are taking measures that students at their early age should start learning basics of code.

As we all know that technology is emerging widely and having a very huge impact in every aspect of life of a human being, many non-coding users are keen to learn coding. Many people who are from non-coding backgrounds feel that it is very difficult to learn coding and creating space in software development to start a career. But the fact is that it is not limited to only those who have a computer science background or are IT professionals. Infact, they also use Google or YouTube to learn coding. Anyone who is from a different stream and is interested in making a career in coding can learn just by putting some efforts and spending your time learning the code.

Let’s begin by knowing what coding actually is? Coding is nothing but the set of instructions or in simple language you can say it's a set of actions which analyses a problem and will give you some fine solution to that problem after implementing it. You do not need to worry about  having any prior knowledge about it as you can learn online coding from the scratch since there are so many sources available on the internet and also so many books available in the market. In my point of view, only the spirit, full-determination, hard work, dedication and practice is required to learn online coding. 

By learning coding languages, also known as programming languages, you can add the Mirch-Masala to your resume. Your skills must be upgraded with time and we know that coding and software skills are so much in demand. Once you become an expert in coding, even degrees and certificates don't matter as much it should.


Why to learn coding?

There are many reasons to learn code. First, one needs to have interest and passion. If his/her passion is strong, and keen to learn all aspects of that language, then they are welcome to upgrade their skills. When we study in college, we are taught the concepts thoroughly and gain perplexed knowledge. So, in order to learn the concepts in depth, we can opt for online learning code. The obvious reason is to earn money, and coding is a platform where you learn and gain. Regardless of age and experience gap, you can learn coding online as well as offline, anytime and anywhere.


Learn Online Coding vs Offline Coding:

One of the main reasons to learn online code is location. Remote areas do not have any coaching class but learners are willing to learn it. That time you can go for online learning. There are many websites which provide their personal experts whom you can ask your doubts anytime without any hesitation.

With online learning, learner-tutor interaction becomes more interactive and they are more comfortable in their  environment. You can save your time by taking notes. Instead you can download it to your computer/laptop and learn whenever you want. Online learning costs you less than offline learning. You can have vast content on a particular concept.


Types of Languages:

You can learn online coding  which is in demand in the market. Some of them are :

-> C

-> C++

-> Java

-> Python

-> Ruby

-> Swift


-> CSS

-> Javascript

->  AngularJS

-> SQL and the list can go longer and longer.


Learn Coding Online for Beginners
Learn Coding Online for Beginners

Different Ways to Learn Coding Online:

Before learning any code, you must start from the scratch. If you don’t have any knowledge about computers, you must give some time to learn some basics about computers, its devices, how they work, when the first language came, how they made first program, how the operating system works and how the application software which we use get interacted with kernel; all this information you can get from the internet. So that you can get an idea how to learn coding and also it may motivate you that when there was no internet and no code available, someone had made it possible without any prior knowledge about it. You must keep yourself updated to be in this tech-growing field by learning everyday something. 

Next step is that you can choose any one language which you want to learn and focus on it only until you are expert in it and then move to the next language. Do not split your focus between two or more languages at a time, because it may confound you and you may end up with no learning. There are multiple sources where you can easily learn coding online. I will list some of the sources so that you can find a way to step into the code learning path. 

First one is to learn from the courses available online on different websites. The websites are designed for learners to understand in a better way. Some websites provide paid courses which also provide certificates as well as job offers after completion of course. Some are open source websites where you can learn without paying a single money, but they do not give you any kind of certificate. 

Some of the paid websites are :

-> Udemy

-> Coursera

-> UpGrad

-> EDx

-> GitHub

-> TeamTreeHouse etc. 

and some of the non-paid websites to learn online coding are: 




-> etc. 

One more option to learn coding online is by watching videos online on YouTube which is the most preferred choice. There are many channels on YouTube where the tutor teaches in his own creative ways and demonstrates practical implementation. 

Some of the known YouTube channels are: 

-> ProgrammingKnowledge

-> Derek Banas


-> and many more.

Other modes of learning are by reading ebooks, blogs which guide you to learn coding online. Even the experts support online code learning since computational thinking is being more critical nowadays and we can overcome this by training learners in this field.


Learn Coding Online
Learn Coding Online

Benefits of Learning to Code:

Nowadays, the craze for code has increased so much. Everyone is dependent on software and the internet. You can make use of your skills in the following ways:

  • Once you are proficient in coding, you can develop your ideas into a  software or an App by coding it. These softwares can be used for developing big algorithms, calculations, media players, games, to create your own website where you can write bundles of blogs, image editors, weather forecasting, for business purposes, for financial purposes and so on.

  • Doors for your career would open after anticipating coding skill.

  • You must decide the right language to learn. Before learning your favoured language, pick a basic programming language which makes you understand the basic concepts that almost all languages follow such as variables, identifiers, operators, data structures, conditional statements, loop statements etc.

  • Learning code adds value to your skills as there is a high demand in the market for software developers.

  • Use your own logic to solve the problem efficiently since there can be many solutions to a problem. Be creative and effective while solving the problem using programming language.

  • When you know how to code, you can become a freelancer and work from home online.

  • Also you can become a tutor and teach coding to the students online.

  • You can also become a writer and publish your write ups online so that other people can also learn coding online.

  • After covid-19, many have become jobless and this is one of the strongest reasons to learn coding online and do your job by being a freelancer. You can work from home and spend the quality time with your family.

  • You can manage your own websites without relying on an outside developer.


Learn Coding Online in India
Learn Coding Online in India

Things to follow after learning:

Now, you have become a developer and you must use your coding skills in developing software by applying few things after learning the code as follows:

i. To develop a software, learn and understand how to use data models and flowcharts that will guide you to develop the software step by step.

ii. Design your software in such a way that will help you to code effectively.

iii. Be potential to deliver your code on or before the given deadline.

iv. Learn a new programming language as per your skills.

v. Try to work on as many as projects. Remember that your hard work should not go in vain.

vi. Try to learn mathematics and physics concepts as a code almost contains calculation concepts.

vii. Review your code at least 8-10 times.

viii. Practice new concepts as long as you can.

viii. Try to be flexible for your work.


Requirements to Learn Coding Online:

There are not so much requirements to learn coding online as I have said before, however we may require the following :

  1. Computer or laptop so that you can practice and do coding.
  2. A software to write and run the code.
  3. Internet connection, since there are many online tutorials available online to learn coding.
  4. Time should be unbound.



Now I will end up here by wrapping up about how to learn coding online. You can go through this article, read it and nail the learning of online coding. Enjoy your journey from being non-coding to coding expert. Go and grab as much as knowledge you can. All the very best my dear pals!!!

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