How to make money on Instagram ? | How to make money on Instagram with less followers ? | Ways to earn money through Instagram Ads

How to make money on Instagram ? | How to make money on Instagram with less followers ? | Ways to earn money through Instagram Ads

People usually think that they cannot make money on Instagram for various reasons like if they are not having required count of followers or not having proper niche. But that is wrong, one can make money irrespective of the followers count or other parameters.

We will show you various ways which can be applied to make money on Instagram. Some of them can be known to you but the method we will share may be new and will be helpful.

Make Money on Instagram
Make Money on Instagram

Various ways to make money on Instagram are : 

1 - Paid Promotions

There are different types of Paid Promotions : 

  • Promoting Insta Accounts
  • Promoting Produts

People can reach you for promoting either their accounts or some products. In this case, followers does have a check but not for all. That means even you are having lesser followers still you can get the opportunity to get paid for promoting.

Example if you are having follower count say 1000 only but in a specific niche like teaching hacking, still other pages reach you to promote their account or couse for your audience. Because if they are selling a course and get only 2 sales from your 500 followers still they will be in profit.

But with this less followers count, it is difficult that people will reach you so what to do? Do opposite, you reach them. Yes! You heard it right, reach people of your niche and ask them if they want to promote their product then they have to pay you specific amount. Also in many cases you can ask them to pay you some affiliate commissions for selling their product.

2 - Selling Affiliate Products

You can find many of the products online for selling which are related to your niche. Start promoting them by various ways discussed in this blog.

You can add a post, story or directly DM them by writing convincing content so that they should even click on the link, rest is the task of the landing page which should be interactive enough to close a sale.

Some online platforms providing Affiliate Products are : 

  1. Amazon Associates
  2. Flipkart Affiliates
  3. Clickbank
  4. ShareASale
  5. CJ Affiliate
  6. MaxBounty
  7. Big Rock Affiliate

3 - Selling a Course

Are you good at anything? Do you think you have something which can be shared? If still not you can learn something and then create a course. It does not need expertise to create one. Believe me, courses over the internet are not worthy, if you can provide some value it will be enough.

Create a course and promote it in the specific niche related to the course. Create your account and promote it in the niche specific pages. Directly message people finding them from the same niche which you think are interested in this type of stuff.

 4 - Selling Accounts

Selling Instagram Accounts with specific followers and niche is also a type of online money making strategy. There are a lot of people who require a specific type of account with some good count of followers and they even dont want post stuff daily and do all the hardwork. So they are always ready to buy already created Instagram Accounts.

So you can create one account and start posting it and make it reach to a better level then you can sell it in good bucks. We have seen accounts getting sold for $1000-$2000 as per required followers count. Many people do it as an online side hustle, they create account and then post stuff and promote it, then they sell it. You can start with some celebrity fanpage account because it will grow early and after you have reached a specific level you can sell it. Also if someone want to buy any other niche related account then you can delete all the posts and sell it so that one can convert it into desired niche.

There are various ways to increase Instagram followers which can help you do better in Instagram Marketing.

There are many ways to keep your account open for sale, some of them are :


  1.  You can post it on the same account and expect your followers to buy it. You can post photos, videos, story and also write in your Bio that the account is for sale.

  2. You can DM People, which is still the best way to create personal link and increase belief for selling anything.

  3. You can run Instagram Ads to target specific people based on their Interest and sell your account. There are many businesses running based on this strategy, they spend bucks and sell accounts and products by targeting similar interest based users.

  4. There are many sites where you can present your account and people can place bid and based on which your account can be sold. Also many sites offer services where you can put your price for the account and interested ones can buy by paying the amount.

5 - Selling own Products

If you have any physical product of your own then you can sell it on Instagram too. And if you don't have any product and you want to still sell some products over there then you can create your own online products. There are lot of websites providing services to create your own product and then sell it. So you can use these websites and create your own stuff and then do Instagram Marketing.

Some of the best sites for creating own products are :

  • Spreadshirt
  • Create Space
  • Teespring
  • Canva
  • Zazzle
  • Amazon Merch

6 - In the first step, we have learned about Paid Promotions which can be used in different ways. That means you can pay someone for promoting your stuff so that you can make money through it. For that, reach influencers over Instagram who are in line with your product or service. You have to pay some bucks to get that done but the audience you will be sharing your product is highly convertible as they believe in the person they are following and they love the type of content.

Earn Money through Instagram
Earn Money through Instagram

7 - Selling Digital Marketing Services

If you have become expert in cracking down the algorithms for selling as well as promoting then you can offer various services to users. There are a bunch of people who do not want to spend time on implementing the above techniques so they are ready to pay someone some bucks for promoting and selling their stuff, this is where you need to get in and offer services at reasonable pricing.

Various Digital Marketing Services which can be offered are  : 

  • Managing Instagram Posts
  • Writing Instagram Captions with Hashtags
  • Editing Posts and Videos for Instagram
  • Creating Video Content for Reels or IGTV
  • Writing Stories
  • Promoting Instagram Account and Posts
  • DM bulk users
  • Increasing Followers
  • Managing Full Instagram Account for Business
  • Managing Instagram Ads
  • Promoting Instagram Stuff on other platforms
  • Replying Comments and DMs
  • Designing Homogeneous Instagram Posts and Videos
  • Managing Multiple Instagram Accounts

8 - Instagram Ads

There are many ways to earn money online on the Internet and as we discussed above if you know about Instagram Ads then it is a business strategy on its own. You can provide Instagram Ads service to required people and charge some bucks. In today’s world having knowledge of Instagram Ads is a skill in itself. You can learn these skills on various platforms for free like YouTube, Udemy, free courses etc and then experiment on your own projects and after getting practical knowledge you can reach out to people for servicing.

Also if you are learning Instagram Skills or Using Instagram Ads you will indirectly be able to learn and use Facebook Ads too which is more beneficial and provides strength to your portfolio.

Various ways to earn money with Instagram Ads are : 

  • Selling Instagram Ads course
  • Teaching people Instagram Ads skill Online
  • Promoting Client’s Products through Instagram Ads
  • Promoting own Products through Instagram Ads
  • Creating Instagram Ads Blog

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