Earning Money on Facebook | How Earn Money from Facebook ? | How to Earn Money from Facebook Page ? |

Earning Money on Facebook | How Earn Money from Facebook ? | How to Earn Money from Facebook Page ? |

Earn Money on Facebook
Earn Money on Facebook

Facebook is the 4th ranked site on the planet with approx 2.5 Billion monthly active users. The social networking site is present worldwide in 111 languages currently. Now from the stats you can understand that what can be the potential of such a huge site.

If you are thinking to earn money on Facebook then you are on the write note as it has a lot of potential and niche based users which can help you earn big. The biggest for a Digital Marketer or any Business is finding customers based on their niche, that means the users must be interested in that particular niche.

From the stats above it is almost clear that facebook has alot of traffic base which can be utilised for marketing and traffic. The different streams involve Facebook Pages, Groups, Accounts and many more. We will be talking about all the categories individually with example in this blog so that you can use it to target your customers.


Various ways to Earn Money on Facebook are :

1} Facebook Groups :

There are so many groups made by users on facebook which are only related to a specific niche. Hence facebook groups got a lot of potential customers which can targeted.

You can get added to various facebook groups related to that niche by directly searching them. You can promote Affiliate Products, send traffic to your site, post interesting stuff and ask them to follow your influencing pages etc. There are a lot of ways to make money, the most important thing is potential customers which can be found on Facebook Groups easily.

Suppose you are pursuing Affiliate Marketing and you have created an Amazon Affiliate Website on Laptops. Now you can search different groups related to students, office workers or Digital Marketers like College Groups, Student Confession Groups, Corporate Groups, Bloggers Groups etc. You can now post something interesting and also attach your site link to the post. You can DM ( Direct Message ) the members by picking them from the comment section because it means that they are interested in this category.


2} Facebook Ads :

Facebook Ads is almost a business in its own. There are many around the world who still doesn’t know about its potential. There are only 3 millions business either individual or groups who advertise on Facebook around the world. You can understand the platform is still hidden for many. Many still don’t know how to make use of it ?

The best thing of Facebook Ads is that it provides very narrow level targeting. You can even target the society or area you live in on Facebook. Due to this many local businesses use Facebook for advertisement. There are more businesses which offers Facebook Ads Targetting and charge a huge amount for it.

Suppose you are having a Grocery Store, now with Facebook Ads you can scale your business by targeting the people near you. You can provide home delivery facility and even you can show them various discounts you provide on various purchases.

3} Facebook Marketplace :

This platform is similar to Ebay and Olx in some extent but with the users count of Facebook it is still better. On Facebook Marketplace you can sell or buy products locally. Now again it is best for local businesses but even an individual can sell or buy anything from it.

You can directly click on Facebook Marketplace and start selling anything new or old second hand product. You can also categorise the products in different options. Suppose you are a Shoe shop owner situated at an area so you can put your stuff on Facebook Marketplace so that it can be visible to the Facebook users of that area.

4} Direct Message :

Believe us! messaging directly in inbox creates better chances of impressions and sales. But the only point is that it will require more efforts comparatively. Also you have to focus on finding the best audience who are interested in these stuffs.

Don’t spam message otherwise they can block you or take actions against your site or page too. The more genuine you deliver the more chances are created. Also there is advantage of Facebook Messenger Platform because if someone seems interested you can also connect on video call for resolving his queries or you can call them. It will increase their trust on you.

5} Facebook Events :

Earn Money on Facebook
Earn Money on Facebook

I believe most of you have not thinking this platform to come in the article but this is also an interesting option to try. You can create events and share with the users around facebook. You have definitely heard about people doing Webinars all around you. You can also do the same.

Create an Event you wish to, share it in different platforms. Then carry out any webinar and provide value to people. At the end you can ask for you course to sell or any affiliate link to go for checking out products. This is also a worthy way to Earn Money on Facebook.


7} Facebook Pages :

We have kept this option at the last because it is most powerful method and have a separate base. You will see people posting on Facebook Pages in the starting of the article but we have kept it at last because we want to give more time to it. Also we want to check who are seriously reading this article till the end because if you cannot even read it till end how can you think of making money easily? If you are still there write in the comment box, we will love to hear you.

Facebook Page is the best place to keep your audience. You can create Facebook Pages for free and can post any content you want. Interested audience will like your page and whenever you post anything they will get it on their feeds.

You can promote anything after you have build an interest based audience. You can sell courses, own products, affiliate products, shoutouts etc. People make huge money through it because it is available directly on feeds, the audience engaged with you will definitely give an impression to any post. Also you can promote it through Facebook ads even for advertisement a Facebook Page is necessary.

We want to share a success story with you. One of our friend was fond of Wolverine, the cartoon character from X-Men. He was owning a page where he used to post about the character. He was just love to post it and don’t ever thought of monetising it. But after some time his page started growing and reached to half a million followers. He got a Paid Advertisement from a person who used to sell Wolverine related stuff on his website and they tied up. Our friend started posting website links on his post and started getting some bucks for every sale he made. He is earning $500-$1000 per month.

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