Koo App - Features, Advantages, Disadvantages & Controversies | Koo vs Twitter | Steps to Sign Up and Post on Koo App

 Koo App, so you are here to learn about may be the next big thing in Internet world, Who knows ? Koo App is also a microblogging platform on which users can post text, images and videos etc. If we will ask anyone about microblogging then the next thing comes in their mind will be Twitter. So Koo App is also a microblogging platform pretty similar to Twitter. It is getting featured as the Indian Twitter or best alternative of Twitter in the world.


 There is big debate seen in India after Twitter did not accepted the policy changes proposed by Govt of India due to which the rage against Twitter started trending and people of India started shifting to Koo App. It also get fueled when many big names from the Ministry of various departments and big leaders started shifting to Koo App.


After Nigeria’s ban on Twitter, it also gave a boost to Koo App. The App was fully accepted by the Nigerian Government as the country’s President also opened his account on Koo App under a week of Twitter Ban. Now Koo App is also looking to scale themselves in other countries too.


In the Blog we will be sharing each step from downloading to signing up on the Koo App and how to post stuff on the platform. We will be also sharing all other features with advantages and disadvantages of the App. We will also present a comparison between the Koo App and Twitter so that one can compare the better as per the facts.



Koo VS Twitter

  • Koo App contains or even working on other regional languages of both the countries and have more language support than Twitter.

  • There are more options on Koo for posting your thoughts than Twitter like option of Speech to Text, Link Posting and Live Video Message.

  • Character limit of post on Koo App is 400 but in Twitter it is 280 characters.

  • Twitter got more engagement and better quality of users on its platform than the Koo App.

  • As per experts, data security is more reliable point in Twitter than the newly started tech Koo.

  • Audience of Twitter is more widely spread across various different countries than the Koo App.

  • Users can maintain a better profile and bio with more info on Koo App than the Twitter.

  • App Speed and Responsiveness is better for Twitter than that of Koo App at some extent.

  • On Koo App the posts are listed chronologically that means on Koo App the latest posts will be seen on the top where as on Twitter the most popular or engaged posts will be seen on the top.

  • Twitter recently got other features like Story and Spaces which also creates a impact in the comparison of both the Apps.





Steps to create Account on Koo App | How to Sign Up on Koo App ?

1) Download the Koo App from Google Play Store. You can find the App by searching “Koo”. Refer to the Google Play Store screenshot below :

Koo App on Play Store
Koo App on Play Store

2) After opening the Koo App once download is complete, choose the language from the options in front of you. You will find two countries currently on Koo App, one will be definitely India and other is Nigeria from which the you can select the desired languages. You will also see upcoming languages of future in this screen.


3)  After selecting the language you will be asked to Sign up with your mobile number, select the mobile number with which you want to create your account. After selecting the phone number, an OTP will be sent and auto read by the App.


4) After verification you will land on the Feeds page of the App. Congrats! You have successfully signed up on Koo App. Wasn’t that simple ?


5) You should have the question in mind that still you didn’t created your profile. After landing to the Koo App Feeds you can click on the profile button on the top left corner of the platform and Click on Edit Profile option.


6) After clicking on the Edit Profile button, you can now setup your profile among the options provided. You can enter your name, change profile picture and many more.



 Options available on Edit Profile are :-

  1. Profile Image – You can put or change any profile image for your Koo Account from it.

  2. Name and Handle – You can add your name as well as your handle i.e, your username through which people can search you on Koo App

  3. Profession – You can add your profession here, after clicking on it and searching you will find your profession listed in the search. For example we have added our profession as Blogger.

  4. Current Location and Location – Current Location will be fetched from your mobile GPS if you allow the Koo App and give them the access. And in Location you can search and enter any City, State as per your choice.

  5. Bio – You can enter about yourself in this section and make it more attractive as it will be shown on the top with your profile when someone reaches you.

  6. Website and E-mail – You can enter your website and if you don’t have one leave this option as the link of your Koo profile will already be there in website option. Also you can enter your E-Mail address which will also be verified by the App through OTP.

  7. DOB – You can enter your Date of Birth here and also you have the option to show it to other users or keep the visibility off.

  8. Similarly you can enter your Mobile Number, Gender and Marital Status too.

  9. Social Links – You also have the options to link account of your other handles like on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and even Twitter with your Koo App account.

  10. Qualifications and Work Experience – From these options you can enter your Qualifications and Work Experience in your Koo Account.





How to Post on Koo App ? | Kooing on Koo App

Posting on Twitter is called as Tweets, similarly posting on Koo App is called Kooing. We will be sharing with you the best way to Post your Koo on the App by discussing all the features of the platform. Steps for Kooing on Koo App are :

1) On Koo App, in your Feeds section click on either plus sign “ + “ on the bottom right corner or the space provided at the top of feeds.

2)  You will land on the posting section, now in the space provided you can write your thoughts or anything you want to share.

Koo App Post
Koo App Post

3) You can share your thoughts in three major formats as described below :

  • Text – In the text provided, user can write anything they want to share on Koo. After clicking on the area, mobile keypad will appear, user can also write in different languages as per their keypad.

  • Speech to Text – After  clicking on the first button of Speech to Text, Google Speech to Text option will appear through which you can speak anything and it will be converted into text in the area provided.

  • Voice Recorder – User can use this feature for recording the audio and share with its community.

  • Video – After clicking on the last button user can record live video message and share it on Koo App.


4) Other additional features for customizing the Koo post are :

  • Emojis – You can use a bunch of emojis of almost every type on this platform and make your Koo Post more attractive.

  • Attach Link – User can also attach link of any post or Blog or even their website while Kooing on the platform.

  • Video – User can post videos attached with their Koo Post from their phone’s Gallery.

  • Images - User can post images and pictures attached with their Koo Post from their phone’s Gallery.

  • Poll – You can also post a Poll on any topic with various option and ask your community to vote for the question or the Poll. You can add maximum 4 options in the Poll and define the Poll length too.

  • GIF – User can also add small GIFs related to their post and post with their Koo on the platform.

  • Comment Preferences – Additional with all customizing features, Koo App also provides option on the fly to select the Comment Preference of your Koo. You will get four options to select from i.e, Everyone, People You Follow, No one and Apply for all Koos


5 ) After customizing your Koo, you can post the Koo from “ Post “ option from upper right corner and your Koo will be posted.




Advantages of Koo App :

  1. As a whole Koo App got more features than any other Microblogging Apps present in the market.

  2. Koo App is currently new and have a lot of potential in the future, so many of the content creators can take benefit from it and can start working on the App as the time persist, it can be the next big of the world.

  3. Koo App is less bulky and light in terms of data structure and App storages are concerned than other Apps.

  4. The biggest advantage with Koo App is that they are majorly focusing on regional languages which makes it easy to use for even less educated ones who have their education only in regional languages. Koo is also adding many regional languages from Nigeria as they have targeted the country as their second biggest base.

  5. Speech to Text option is also a big advantage of the App as the world has increased the voice or audio content and searches through voice has also gained a large popularity. Koo App provides Speech to Text option while posting Koo as well as while searching on the App which is a great advantage in the competition.




Disadvantages of Koo App :

  1. As a competitor of Twitter, Koo App also seems to be copy of Twitter platform, it have majority of its options similar to Twitter, the Logo, theme and even the posts and other features.

  2. Data Security is big issue on Koo App as some experts believe that currently the company don’t have better data security than Twitter.

  3. Koo App got more character count for posting stuff i.e, 400 characters but for many of the experts and Netizens it is a topic of debate because for Microblogging the character length can be said more.

  4. There are lesser number of diversified users on Koo App which is also a major setback for it currently but as it expands in other countries of the world, it can be seen as a better alternative.

  5. As there are less number of users present on the Koo App so the Hashtags trending on the platform can be controlled by some big accounts easily so the internet world is not taking the trends seriously currently but as the user base and diversity grows we may see a better trend setter on Koo.





Controversy related to Koo App

There was a big debate on the use of the Koo App as it is getting backed by the Government of India and Netizens fear of losing the freedom of speech as the Koo App also accepts the new policies created by the Government. Netizens also fear using the App because they have the fear that if they will against the current government then they will be targeted and even their accounts can be blocked. Netizens also fears as the data shared by them on the App can be shared with the Government too.

There is a major debate going in India as majority of the current Government Officials and many leaders have already moved to the platform and posting stuff. The Koo App won the Aatmanirbhar Bharat App Challenge in 2020 organised by the Government of India.

So Koo needs to provide confidence to the Indian users that the content posting will not be restricted on the platform until it is against the country then only Koo App reach the top. We need to understand that the Indian company is fighting with one of the worlds largest Microblogging sites and in order to compete with them they require more audience and need to bring more confidence in Indian Users then only Koo can compete and become the next big thing of the future.





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