Clubhouse App - Features, Strategies and Big Names on the Platform | Steps to Schedule a Event or Create a Room on Clubhouse App

Clubhouse, we are again here with a new platform which is shaking the Internet and may be the next big thing again. It is fully audio-based platform which offers its users to debate creating various rooms for them. Currently it is having 10 million active users per week. But it seems to be growing with a great pace.

Earlier Clubhouse App was only available for IOS users but now it is also available on Android Users too. While signing up Clubhouse App will ask some details and couple of interests on the basis of which it will recommend various rooms and people for you. It contains various rooms in which users can listen and speak on various topics. Users can find many niche-based rooms and even many socialized rooms in which one can share thoughts.

Many big companies have been seen competing on the same feature on their App too but seems some less productive. Facebook has been seen to compete with the App by introducing Live Audio Rooms feature in US and Hotline, which shows the future can be audio-based platforms. Twitter introduced Spaces which also resembles the features of Clubhouse App. Reddit has announced Reddit Talk named service which is also based on audio-based segments. Instagram’s Rooms is not fully based on audio but it is based on creating various rooms in which users can enter and share their thoughts.

Clubhouse App offers a bunch of features like on Clubhouse you can follow people and get followed by users. Also you can maintain your profile with good bio. User can schedule various discussion on any topic and user also gets notified about the schedule. User can directly share stuff with other social media Apps like Twitter etc with one click. User can ping or notify others to be a part of any real time running discussion. You will find speakers and listeners in the Rooms and if one want to speak he / she can raise their hands and speakers will have the authority to allow the user to speak by moving him / her to speaker category. You can become of various clubs and it will also be shown on your profile that you are member at following Clubs.


Clubhouse App
Clubhouse App


Strategy of Clubhouse for its growth

  1. Invite Only – Clubhouse only allows users to login after only an invitation from the existing user. This feature makes the difference between Clubhouse and other Apps as it creates value that only few can be a part of the platform. Any user can invite only 5 people on Clubhouse, this is one of the way to create greed for the platform in the market.

  2. Audio based Platform – It is one of the best audio based platform, there are many other companies entering in this niche but those companies are already based on other segment stuff like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc,. So competing in this segment will not be easy for them and Clubhouse which is totally based on audio based segment is currently winning the race.

  3. Privacy – Clubhouse is very much focused on its user privacy too as according to Clubhouse guidelines user cannot record or share the speeches or audio running in Rooms and Clubs. It provides a belief of encryption to its users. But from some experts you will hear that this feature is one of the negative aspect of the platform as it becomes difficult to find the culprit of harassment of bullying on the platform. There were many cases found of bullying on the App due to which some of the countries have banned it.

  4. Connecting the World – This is also one of an aspect which resulted in the popularity of the App. On Clubhouse App user can connect, hear and speak with anyone in the world available on the platform. User can participate in any debate and rooms around the world, that means, one can debate on WHO’s policies sitting at USA, UK, India and anywhere else. As a audio platform, it can be the next advancement in connecting people around the world.

  5. No Delete option – One of the important aspect is also that the conversations are live and user cannot delete them like on Twitter one can delete any Tweet after some time. So on Clubhouse once what is spoken will be real time and cannot be edited on deleted.

  6. Popular Celebrities and Influencers Engagement – The biggest reason for the growth of Clubhouse App is that it was joined by many big names. Many influencers and Celebrities joined Clubhouse which made people to join it as the audience level is still limited and users can listen to their favourites directly by joining their Rooms and Clubs. Elon Musk is one of the name who made his appearance on Clubhouse and even tweeted about it by which its popularity also increased. 



Big Names who are already available on Clubhouse :

  • Elon Musk

  • Mark Zuckerberg

  • Van Jones

  • Kevin O'Leary

  • Scooter Braun

  • Anupam Kher

  • Kunal Shah

  • Gaurav Munjal

  • Wiz Khalifa

  • Kevin Hart

  • Gary Vaynerchuk

  • John Lee

  • Meek Mill

  • Drake



Steps to Schedule a Room or Event on Clubhouse

  1. Login to Clubhouse App.

  2. Now you have two options to either Schedule a Room or start a room real time.

  3. For Scheduling a Room you need to click on the calendar button on the top bar and then click on calendar icon with plus ‘ + ‘ sign on the top right corner.

  4. You will be re-directed to new page where you can enter various details and schedule a Room. Options like :

    -> Event Name – You can enter the event name or it will be the Room name and you can use 60 characters for naming the Event.

    -> Add a Co-Host or Guest – From here you can add another Host to the Event who will be having all the options like Edit Event, Cancel Event and even remove people from the Event.

    -> Date and Time – You can enter the future Date and Time on which you want t host your Event.

    -> Host Club – User can Assign Club to the Event from this option.

    -> Description – You can write description of the Event here which will be visible to the attendees. You get 200 character limit for writing the Description.

  5. Click on Publish, now your Event will be scheduled on the entered Date and Time. When any Event is scheduled by you, it will be visible to all your followers on the Clubhouse App.


Steps to create a Room on Clubhouse

1 ) Login to Clubhouse App.

2) Now for creating a Room, click on the “ Start a Room “ option present in the bottom of the screen with a plus ‘ + ‘ sign.

3 ) Now there will following options available for creating your Room :

-> Open – An open Room can be joined by anyone on this platform either your own followers or their followers or even anybody on the platform.

-> Social – It is only available to the people who you follow. Social Room can be joined by the people one follow on Clubhouse.

-> Closed – In Closed Rooms you will get an option to select the people you want to share Room with. Only selected members will be able to join the Closed Room.


4 ) Click on “ Add a Topic “ and enter your event name or Topic Name in 60 characters only.

5 ) Suppose you have clicked on Closed Room, now you will have the option of “ Choose People “ after clicking which you can choose from the list of people who will be allowed to enter the Room.

6 ) Now you will enter in your Room and you can see various options to customize your Room as per your use.

7 )  You can make this Closed Room Private anytime by clicking on the “ Open it Up “ .

8 ) For adding more people you can click on plus sign “ + “ from the bottom and select people who you want to get joined. The people who have joined can only listen to all the Hosts and Co-Hosts and if someone wants to talk, he / she will raise their and you can allow them to speak in the room by clicking on the option at the bottom icon.




We have shared about the Clubhouse App and we told you about some of the features. We also listed some big names of celebrities and influencers present on the platform. We have also shared some that why Clubhouse is becoming a giant company on the internet and competing with some big names of the industry. We have also shared steps to schedule a Room or event and even steps to create a real time Room. We definitely think that it is the next big thing of the Internet world and your presence on the platform so early will definitely help you in the future.

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