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Entrepreneur Movies, the topic is chosen here because it can give you motivation and inspiration on how many common individuals started their Businesses and made it successful. We will share some plot behind the movies in this Blog. Also we will recommend you to watch these Movies for Entrepreneurs so that you can also get inspired.

We will also share the IMDB Ratings of the movies so that it will also give you a parameter to judge the movies we shared. We will share some basic plot of the movie so that you can know atleast the theme of the movie before watching it.

The Entrepreneur Movies we are sharing will be mixed and around the world. It will not only be based on Hollywood or Bollywood specifically. We may miss some of the best because our motive is to have a list of most influential one. The most important thing is Business in Movies and the teachings given by it.

We will not rank or share the list based on IMDb Rating, Collection, Awards or anything but we will only rank them on some other parameters like amount of Business Management shown in the Entrepreneur Movies, amount of inspirational stuff present in the movie and also some of the advantage will also be given to the movies made on real stories or founders. The list we believe is one of the best list among the Movies for Entrepreneurs.


Business in Movies
Business in Movies


Best Entrepreneur Movies are as follow :


10) Badmaa$h Company – 2010 ( IMDb Rating -> 6.0 )

The movie basically showcase fraud of four friends which made them huge money to live their desirable luxurious life. The material which made us chose it is that the Business is Movies showcases that business can be run on a better and unique plan. Also it will help you realise that a business can be built by friends who have trust between and if the trust loses then the business also destroys. One of this Entrepreneur Movies shows how one can do marketing of his business in different ways. This is among the best Movies for Entrepreneurs.


9) Jobs – 2013 ( IMDb Rating -> 6.0 )

As the name suggests the movie is definitely based on one of the biggest Entrepreneurs in the world, the founder of Apple Inc., The movie showcase how a college dropout created one of the biggest companies of the world and became one of the biggest Entrepreneur of the 20th century. As it is based on a true entrepreneurial personality, the movies inspires a lot and also the viewers are able to relate it with the reality. The movie is directed by Ashton Kutcher.


8) Made in China – 2019 ( IMDb Rating -> 6.2 )

The movie starring Rajkummar Rao is very inspirational and teaches businesses to focus on the mindset of the Customer. It focuses on a unique idea of business which he found from the advices received in China. The movie also showcases how a simple struggling Business Man becomes big. The Movie also teaches to not lose hope and keep trying to become what you want in your life. This Entrepreneur Movies may be not watched by many but we recommend it so that one can also implement his/her idea in a reality to start business. The Business in Movies is mostly common but in this movie it is somehow unique. It is also the best Movies for Entrepreneurs based on mindset and strategy.


Entrepreneur Movies
Entrepreneur Movies


7) The Pursuit of Happyness - 2006 ( IMDb Rating -> 8.0 )

The Movie starring Will Smith who is a homeless salesman who is struggling in his life. He and his son both are homeless and struggling in the movie to earn bread and shelter. The movie teaches us to believe in ourselves even if no one does. The movie portraits the struggle done by both of them as they didn’t accepted their and changed it.


6) The Internship – 2013 ( IMDb Rating -> 6.3 )

Despite of the movie’s rating, the movie is chosen as it commits one of the better amount containing  Entrepreneur Movies. The movie focuses on two salesman who were the least technically strong but still finds a way to land an Internship in Google. After landing the internships their summers runs in competing with the betters as the winners get permanent Job at Google. So the movie showcases how these two follow the challenges put over them. The Movie teaches to upgrade yourself in this technological era because anytime your business or job can get hit by a better tech. This is also the best Movies for Entrepreneurs in case of Internships and implementing ideas in big companies.


5) Rocket Singh – Salesman of the Year – 2009 ( IMDb Rating -> 7.5 )

The movie starring Ranbir Kapoor who is a fresher graduate of a middle class family got a job of salesman in a office. After frustratingly working for the company, he got hit by a plan according to the feedback of customers and recognising the requirements in his market. He built a team with his colleagues and started building a monopoly in the market. This Movies for Entrepreneurs teaches us how a person can start working even if he is pursuing his 9-5 Job. One can start anytime and from any situation. In case of implementing the type of Business in Movies shown one need to do more Hard Work as well as Smart Work if he is already pursuing the 9-5 Job.



4) The Founder – 2016 ( IMDb Rating -> 7.2 )

One of the best Entrepreneur Movies, The Founder is based on the journey of Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonalds – the biggest fast food restaurant chain in the world. The story is inspiring and highly motivational as it shows how a salesman built world’s biggest brand and created his own empire in the world. This Movie for Entrepreneurs will showcase how one can build a already created business and scale it to make profits. The movie is itself special as we can relate this real story with reality. It also teaches us ways to scale a franchise and create a monopoly in your competition. It is the best version to showcase Business in Movies and learnings from it.


Entrepreneur Movies
Entrepreneur Movies


3) The Wolf of Wall Street – 2013 ( IMDb Rating -> 8.2 )

The movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio is based on making money from the well of stocks. The Business in Movies are mostly shown based on other niches but this movie shows the Stocks and Trading Niche perfectly. The most interesting thing is that the story is based on real personality Jordan Belfort. We know that only Leo can play the role efficiently, who can forget his role in “ Catch me if you can “. By the way Catch me if you can is also a great movie to get inspiration with in a positive way. The movie “ The Wolf of Wall Street “ shows how a company multiplies its growth and profits. In a short while the company of Jordan Belfort grows exponentially that they file their IPO in a very short span of time. It shows luxurious life getting maintained by him but after getting a lot of success in lesser timestamp, he started illegal practices and FBI started to keep an eye. This Movies for Entrepreneurs teaches us that one can become successful in short span but unethically he will fall down harshly from the rising plane.




2) Udaan ( Soorarai Pottru ) – 2020 ( IMDb Rating -> 8.6 )

The movie starring South Indian Superstar Suriya is based on a vision of a common man. He wants to make people fly in the plane for a very lesser amount. One can argue here that why the movie is listed as a Entrepreneur Movies, the reason is that it is full of it. It teaches us how a vision of a common man to built a company is challenged by big tycoons of that industry. But still not leaving the faith and consistently running behind the goal make him achieve it. The hardships given by big business men also not able to stop him. The movie also teaches us that if we are focused and want to achieve something, anything in this world cannot stop anyone from achieving it. It also shows how a man run here and there to take loans, investments etc. It is definitely a watchable Movies for Entrepreneurs and that is why topping our list. 



Movies for Entrepreneurs
Movies for Entrepreneurs



1) The Social Network – 2010 ( IMDb Rating -> 7.7 )

Here it is, the topmost and highest amount Business in Movies can be found in this. The movie is based on Mark Zuckerberg, one of the biggest entrepreneurs of current era who transformed the internet. The founder of Facebook, a social networking site is started by Mark. The movie shows all the aspects that how he built the startup from a room to the world. The Movies for Entrepreneurs also put light on some of the initial investments received by Facebook in the road of becoming the world largest social networking site. The movie shows how a common college student with an idea transformed the Internet era. The movie teaches us to trust and evaluate true friends who can be a better participants in your current journey of building a vision. It also shows how one can reach to investors not big but some beneficial angel investors who can help you scale your business.




As we already discussed the Movies for Entrepreneurs list is purely based on business or startup mindset and which can provide entrepreneurial values. Our team has watched all these movies and one we know that the key is consistency and persistence. You may get your goal later or you will definitely stuck with challenges but all these movies also show us that the individuals accepted those challenges and transformed their lives which made them earn huge money, cash, fame and luxurious lives, everything they wanted. Hope you will find these Entrepreneur Movies worthy to watch. Also the Business in Movies were the best in their respective fields which will also inspire to watch them and learn from them.


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