What is Email Marketing ? | Email Marketing Tools | Email Marketing Templates

 What is Email Marketing ? | Email Marketing Tools | Email Marketing Templates


What is Email Marketing ?
What is Email Marketing ?

Email Marketing is simply promoting anything on various Mail Identities of People. The hottest form of Digital Marketing method is Email Marketing. The simple procedure is to collect emails and send Emails related to Affiliate Marketing or Website traffic But there’s lot more in between this.

In the Blog we will explain some aspects of Email Marketing from its meaning to standard procedure. We will also explain various ways to pursue Email Marketing effectively. Also we will be sharing some Email Marketing Templates which can be used to promote your stuff.

Various ways to collect Mail IDs for pursuing Email Marketing :

Email Marketing Tools
Email Marketing Tools

1) Email Subscription : I am sure you have seen various Email Subscription Pop ups on various sites demanding your Email. If you have a website then you can add Email Subscription Pop Up from various sites which will collect Emails of your visitors.
You can also add Feedburner by activating it. It is also a free service which will collect Emails for you and also it will send your new posts on those Mails. For using Google’s Feedburner you can visit www.feedburner.com and activate it.

2) Advertisement : It is currently the most used technique for collecting mails. There are many ways to advertise for collecting Emails like by :

Facebook Ads
Google Ads
Bing Ads
Other Ad networks etc

Suppose you want to collect Emails by using Facebook Ads. Then you will require a website either free or paid. You can even buy domain for your website or use blogspot like free domains for creating your landing page. Now you will design you landing page and also provide Email option in it with some free stuff for which people will submit their Emails.
After that you can create Ad on Facebook either in image or video reflecting your offer or service. Now after people will click on the ad they will redirect to your landing page and will submit their Emails for free stuff.

3) Shoutouts : This is also a trending method to collect Emails. You can use influencers for promoting your landing page with their user base. In this way you can easily get a targeted audience which are already interested in the niche. This method will bring better conversion rates that is why it is so much popular.
For using this method you have to search a good influencer related to your niche. Always check the engagement factors in their posts such as Likes, Comments and sometimes Shares etc as per different platforms. After selecting, DM and ask for the price of shoutout. After some settlement pay for the shoutout and analyse carefully that are you getting benefitted ? You can track the factors like:
-> Clicks on your link
-> Conversions
-> Engagement on the Post

4) Social Media :
The points shared by us above can require some bucks or time to be achieved. But in this point we will share you the ways you can do it for free. There are plenty of traffic on social media which can be used to do Email Marketting.

There are some ways but the best one is to create something which can provide value in exchange of which you will get the Emails of different people. Suppose you are good at Dance and want to target people of this niche. Then you can create a free course teaching people some dance moves. And now you can create a free or paid website which will act as your Landing Page.
Now for reaching huge number of people you can use Facebook, Whatsapp Groups, Telegram, Reddit and many more.
On Facebook you can join different groups related to dance niche and post your link offering your free course, you can even DM interested people.
On WhatsApp you can join different groups by searching groups related to dance on Google. On Google you can get as many links of different groups as you want. Now you can promote your course.


Email Marketing Templates

Template 1 :

Hey Folks
I heard from the Internet that you are interested in Dancing. Are you passionate about this. I am also in the same domain from last 5 years. I think you have definitely heard about The Moonwalk or The Twist.

You must check out my Free Course on Top Dance Moves. I have improved dancing skills of over 100 of my students. Who knows you will be the Next to fly high.

Respect and Regards


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