How to use Medium for creating High Quality Backlink ? | Ways of Creating Backlinks | Creating Backlink from High Authority Website

How to use Medium for creating High Quality Backlink ? | Ways of Creating Backlinks | Creating Backlink from High Authority Website

Creating Backlink from Medium
Creating Backlink from Medium

We all know the role of Backlinks in ranking of website. Also these are useful for increasing Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) of a website. If you are getting Backlink from a High Authority website it will definitely lead to increase in your own wesbsite’s authority.
In this Blog we will discuss about the attributes of Medium Platform and ways to share content on it. Also how we can take help of Medium to redirect traffic.
We can also check stats of our content shared on Medium. You can check post wise stats as well as account wise stats on Medium for further analysis. There is also a option of Series on Medium in which you can share series of content and also make Backlinks in it.
Also it helps in providing various articles of other creators which helps in taking idea and learning new tricks about your niche.
On Medium a clap represents encouragement and if you are getting higher claps that means you content will be ranked higher which indirectly means your content will be shown to more people.

Creating Medium Account
Creating Medium Account

Steps to Create Account on Medium:

1) Search for “ Medium .com “ on Google
2) Click on the first search result
3) Click on Get Started
4) Sign up with your Google account ( We will recommend to sign in with the same account with which your site is associated )
5) Enter your Full Name and select the topics you are interested in ( Select the same interest as per your targeting niches )
6) Your Medium account has been created

Generating or Creating Backlink by writing post on Medium:

-> After your account has been logged in, Click on your name at the upper right corner
-> Click on New Story
-> You will find the interface for writing your post
-> Enter the full title as per your Blog in the Title area
-> Now enter some of the introduction content. We will recommend that the content and Title will be same as that of your Blog
-> Now add the link of your Blog at the last of the post

If any user will find your content worthy he will approach your blog through this link. Now you have created a High Quality Backlink through which you can redirect traffic as well as Google Bots to your website.

Note : In the starting Medium will restrict you from posting your content. But don’t panic just view some of the other stories and clap as well as subscribe other members according to your niche. If you will clap for atleast 10 different posts with subscribing 10 different publishers, Medium will allow you to publish your story.
But don’t use spam content on it otherwise they can penalize your account and it will create a bad impact for Google also.

Analysis of Medium Platform:

Creating Backlink from Medium

The site’s Domain Authority is 98 which is very high and getting Backlink from a high authority site will definitely boost your ranking. Its monthly traffic is approximately 28 Million which means it can be also helpful in generating traffic for your site.
Also for many micro niche keywords, sites like Medium rank on Google in first page that means you can get traffic from Organic search too with the help of Medium. The site is having approximately 27 Million Keywords which means there would be thousands of keywords on which Medium Articles will be ranking on Google.

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