Steps to use Telegram for Web | Telegram Web and its Features | Steps to Log out from Telegram for Web

Telegram for Web ! Yes you heard it right. If you have reached here that means you want to use the Telegram Web services for your Telegram Account. In this Blog we will show you how you can use Telegram for Web feature with your already existing Telegram Account. Also we will share the key features available on Telegram Web. Also the Steps to Log out yourself from the Web Version.

Telegram is going to be another big thing in the market, as the pace of its growth is very high and it will be passing other big online messaging companies soon. As it improving itself and introducing new and updated features on the platform. And believe if the pace persists you will be having all your professional groups on this platform only. Now only they have 600 Million active user base and it is increasing. So according to data many firms and companies have been on the platform. The platform has also become source of income for many small scale businesses too. As one can find niche based specific audience easily from here. Also the various bots on Telegram which are also available on Telegram Web, make it more useful for professional usage. Don’t miss our Telegram Group which is created only to share any type of stuff and grow, you will find the link at the end of the Blog.


Telegram Web is also one of its key features in competition with the other big platforms. We will be showing you step by step with relevant images, the full procedure to use Telegram for Web services. So without wasting your precious time let’s run to the Steps :



Steps to use Telegram for Web are :


1) Go to Telegram Web or search Telegram for Web on Google. You will be redirected to the following screen :


Telegram Web
Telegram Web | Credits :


2) You country will be by default selected on the screen, still if you want to change your Country then click on the Country Name and Select your desired country. You will see the Code changing as per the selected Country.

Selecting Country on Telegram for Web
Selecting Country on Telegram for Web | Credits :


3) Now enter your Phone Number for which you have already created the Telegram Account. After entering the Phone Number for which you want to use Telegram for Web, click on Next hovering on the top right corner of the popup.


Sign In on Telegram Web
Sign In on Telegram Web | Credits :


4) After clicking on Next, a popup will appear asking “ Is this phone number correct ? “ Now verify your phone number and click on Ok. In case you have entered wrong Phone Number, then click on Cancel and update the number and again follow the same steps.


Confirm Phone Number on Telegram Web
Confirm Phone Number on Telegram Web | Credits :


5) Now you will receive a code on your Telegram App on your Mobile Phone. If you are unable to find the code on your Telegram Mobile then you can search Telegram on the chat list on your Telegram Mobile App and open the chat from Telegram (Support). You will find your code in the chat.

Verification for Telegram for Web
Verification for Telegram for Web | Credits :



6) After entering the code, the site will automatically fetch and verify the code.


7) Here we go, you will be successfully logged in on Telegram for Web and enjoy the services as per your requirement.

Telegram for Web
Telegram for Web | Credits :



8) After Logging in, you will also receive a message on your Telegram Mobile App for security purpose so that if anyone else tries to log in to Telegram Web then you can receive the message from Telegram and verify the activity



Telegram App Confirmation Message
Telegram App Confirmation Message


Features of Telegram for Web :

Telegram Web provides all the basic features as follow :

  1. The basics feature like Chatting with Friends or sending messages in Group are definitely available.

  2. You can also send Voice Note from Telegram Web.

  3. Also we can all types of documents, images and videos from Telegram for Web which is also present in Telegram App.

  4. All types of Emojis and Stickers are also present in Telegram Web.

  5. You can see Pinned chats and groups on Telegram Web also as per Telegram App but currently the feature of pinning chats from Telegram for Web is not present.

  6. Also you can Forward, Delete, Report or Reply any of the chat by just selecting it from Telegram Web.

  7. Telegram does not gets Logged out automatically if you remove the tab or close the browser. If you will again open the Telegram Web with the link you will see your account opened. Also we will share the procedure of Logging out from Telegram Web as the Blog proceeds.

  8. In the Chat settings, user can Turn On / Off notifications directly from the Telegram for Web. Also you can use various other features of Telegram from there like Share Contact, Delete Contact, Block User, Clear History and even Delete Conversation also. 

  9. One of another best feature of Telegram which makes it different from other online messaging platforms is multiple profile photos. You can upload the multiple profile photos from Telegram Web also. 

  10. Also one can allow notifications to hover on your PC whenever you receive a message. It will be very useful for professional workers, they can pin important groups on Telegram for Web while working on their Work PC or Laptop and also enable notification for important messages.




How to Log out from Telegram Web ?


Many of the users may find it difficult to get logged out from the Telegram for Web as per their use. So we will share all the steps of Logging out from Telegram Web below :


  1. On the Telegram for Web screen you will find Telegram written on the top of the chat or the 3 bars for the Menu, Click on it.

  2. After clicking on it you will see various options, now click on Settings.

  3. Now in the Settings window you will find many options but you need to scroll down at the bottom and Click on Log out.

  4. You will get Logged out and re-directed to the first screen.


We have shared with you the steps to use Telegram for Web and its features till now. Also we have shared process of Logging out from the web version. We also want to tell our readers that the platform has a great potential and currently it is not getting used by most of the businesses or individual audience, so one can take the advantage of initiating on it. There are still plenty of audience to target based on various niches. And the way it is providing various facilities like Bots or groups of larger member base will make it grow day by day.


So according to us if one says to list your business on various social media sites then it will definitely include Telegram in it with WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram. You should have your Telegram Channel or Telegram Group related to your business. Many of the organizations have hired dedicated person to make it work on only Telegram so you can think about the potential of the platform.




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